Ce Fut En Mai (In Early May) Flashcards

This ...song (?) was composed by who in which century?

Trouvere song. Moniot d'Arras in the mid 13th century.

Who was D'Arras?

He was a monk who lived and worked in the Abbey of St. Vasst in France

Structure of the chanson is... (?) with how many verses, each having
how many lines in what texture sung in what language?

Strophic (same melody for each verse) 5. 12 lines. Monophonic
texture. French.

Musical form of each verse is..?
internal scheme is...?

aac aac bbc bbc (aab aab ccb ccb)

Key: ...?

Modality was used, equals to F major in tonality

What is the meter?


The text tells of an ... Who lost his beloved to... But found peace
in prayer. The music does not express...?

Unhappy lover. Handsome knight. The music does not express the
sadness even if the text is emotional and touching.