Haec dies (chant) Flashcards

A good example of the Gregorian Chant can be heard in the gradual for
what in what text?

Easter Mass. Latin text

Gradual is the name of what part of a proper mass?


The gradual is performed as a series of exchanges between what and
what? The solo passages are known as what? The choral passage Is
the...? (?)

Soloist and chorus. Verse. Response. (Responsorial manner)

which half of the melody opens with a short passage for soloist, then
the choral response?


The gradual, therefore is a what in how many different bodies of sound?

contrast. 2.

Which half is the soloist's verse, followed by a short choral conclusion.


The melody moves mainly by step in what sung what?

In a narrow range with certain words sung melismatically.

The first half of the melody opens with...? Then the...?

With a short passage for soloist. Then the choral response.

The second half is...? Followed by ...?

The soloists' verse. Followed by a short choral conclusion.