Mozart Flashcards

Where was Mozart born? What town? What country? When?

He was born in Salzburg, Austria. In 1756

When did Mozart start composing? How many pieces did he compose by
age 13?

He started competing before he was 5. At age 13, he composed
symphonies, concertos, sonatas, operas and some church music.

In what year did Mozart travel to Vienna with his father where he met
Hadyn? Was he inspired by Hadyn to compose string quartets? Did he
dedicate any to Hadyn? How many?

He went to Vienna in 1773. Yes he did. Yes, he dedicated 6 to Hadyn.

he worked for who as the concerto master from 1771? When he died,
Mozart could not get along with his successor so he was dismissed at
what age?

the archbishop of Slazburg. He was dismissed at age 25.

For the next how many years after the archbishop died did he struggle for?

10 years

In what year did he go back to Vienna to visit Hadyn?

In 1781

Who of Austria took Mozart into his service again but things did not
work out? Why?

Emperor Joseph II of Austria. His patron didn't know have to
appreciate Mozart.

In what year and how old was he when he got married? Who did he
marry? During this time he wrote many of his...?

In 1782, age 26, he married Constanze Weber. Of his famous works.

The highlight of mozart's career was the opera ...? Composed in what
year? What type of opera? Who was the leibrettist?

Marriage of Figaro. 1786. Opera buffa. Lorenzo da ponte.

Which year of mozart's life was the most productive? When was
Mozart's last year of his life? Which 3 songs did he compose? What
type of opera was it? Was it popular?

The last year. 1791. Clarinet Concerto, Piano Concerto In B flat
major and the Magic Flute. Singspiel opera. Yes.

Mozart was commissioned to write what? Being ill and depressed he
thought that what was for his own death? On the afternoon of December
4th 1791, who sang the completed movement by his bedside before he
died at night? Who finished his work?

Requiem Mass. Requiem Mass. Theatre singers. His student Sussmayr.