Final Prep - Organ Donation Flashcards

Imminent Death Description

GCS <= 5 & required mech. ventilation or...
severe dec. LOC while on mech. ventilation

Death Cause Categories

trauma neuroscience anoxic injury
other illnesses decel. in aggressive therapy &
shift in goals to comfort care

Neuro Death Tests

cerebroangiogram EEG transcranial doppler
(TCD) cerebral scintigraphy (CBF)

Requirements for
Option to Donate

SBP >100 temp 97-99 UOP >= 100
ml/hr electrolytes ok O2 sat 100% PaO2
>= 100 pt. brain or cardiac death age
0-80yr organ quality lack of Hx of cancer, AIDS /

Apnea Exam

only done with physician present preoxygenate with
100% FiO2 normal ABG (pH 7.35-7.45 & PCO2 35-45)
remove vent & do blow-by O2... observe resp. effort
8-12min & recheck ABG... PCO2 >60 & >20 from

Stabilize for Organ Donation

electrolytes wean off pressors increase
PO2 labs ok

Allocation to Recipient Based On:

location blood type high HLA size of
organ & person receiving illness severity time

Allocation Tools for
Severity of Illness Determination


Tissue Donation

most common transplant, least known about pickier
allocation, not a life-saving procedure screening for high
risk behavior & S/S of infection & trauma

Donation Includes:

heart valve bone (for bone marrow) connective
tissue skin vessels AI graft
corneas/whole eyes