phil 150 q 5 Flashcards

Narrow sense?

subordinates women

broad sense?

arouse viewers


not endorsing women subordination

moralistic argument for preventing porn?

promotes lust, promiscuity, sodomy, etc.

paternalistic argument for preventing porn?

porn corrupts the mind ad thoughts

narrowly construed?

rape, battery, abuse

broadly construed?

setbacks and curtails basic rights

gender(radical) feminists argument?

stresses womens collective interests

equity(liberal) feminists argument?

stresses womens individual interests

equity(liberal) feminists oppose?

political and specific legal barriers

gender(radical) feminists oppose?

gender culture obstacles

observational studies are not?

proof of harm

society can prohibit speech if?

it protects people from harm or bad influence


following examples from role models


learning consequences of actions and acting accordingly


accepting claims from supposed authorities

guardians ought to be virtuous?

todays rulers ought to be good not corrupt

poets and storytellers can portray bad influences?

in todays age it is media

if we suppress any and all material then?

it would be an undertaking and would provoke heated objections

when can we trust a view?

when it overcomes competitors in reasond debate