PBS DNA Structure Flashcards


Large molecule made of similar or identical repeating units bonded together

Polymer diagram


Repeating unit making up a polymer

Monomer diagram


Monomer of DNA

DNA building block


Class of nitrogenous bases consisting of two fused rings


Class of nitrogenous bases consisting of one ring

Examples of Purines

Adenine and Guanine

Examples of Pyrimidines

Cytosine and thymine

Complementary base pair rule

States that adenine will always pair with thymine and cytosine will
always pair with guanine

Chargaff's rule

States that due to complementary base pairing the amounts or percent
of adenine/thymine and cytosine/guanine will be equal.

Double helix

Model discovered by Watson and Crick that depicts DNA as a twisted,
two sided ladder

Sides of double helix held toge

Alternating deoxyribose and phosphate groups

Rungs of ladder

complementary bases