Lecture Final Flashcards

A tissue is defined as a structure that has a recognizable shape,has
specific functions and is made up of two or more different types?


A nonpolar covalent molecule like________ is______ in water.

Triglyceride, insoluble

Which of the following is not a function of water


The major molecule found in chromosomes is?


How are phospholipid molecules arranged in the plasma membrane?

The polar phosphate heads face the cytosol and the extracellular fluid

The organelle that is active during mitosis is?


The organelle that modifies and packages proteins is the?

Golgi apparatus

The function of keratin in the skin is to?

Make the skin tough and waterproof

Which of the following statements is true concerning the epidermis layer?
Is the most superficial layer of skin
Contains specialized cells melanocytes, keratinocytes and
Dendritic (langerhans) cells
Contains tactile (Meissner's) Corpuscles and blood vessels

Is the most superficial layer of skin
Contains specialized cells melanocytes, keratinocytes and
Dendritic (langerhans) cells

Which of the following is not a function of the integumentary system?
Provides chemical barrier by producing sweat, oil and melanin
Creates a physical barrier by being made of several layers that
provide a continuous covering.
Regulates body temperature by releasing sweat to decrease body temperature
Produces vitamin D for calcium absorption
Acts as a body Reservoir so dermal blood vessels can dilate when
body temperature decreases.

Provides chemical barrier by producing sweat oil and melanin

True or false
The stomach, urinary bladder, liver, intestines and ovaries are
all located in the abdominal pelvic cavity.


True or false
When ice melts, polar covalent bonds in water molecules are broken.


True or false
Hair functions to prevent the scalp from UV light, produces oil to
lubricate the scope, acts as a tactile receptor to detect insects, and
retains body heat.


System that protects organs, produces minerals, stores calcium


System that breaks down food into absorbable units?


System that transports materials through the body


System that regulates water, electrolyte and pH balance, eliminates
nitrogenous waste?


Molecule that contains genetic information?

Nucleic acid

Most abundant molecule in the body?


Solutionware PH range is above 7.0?

Alkaline / Bass

Adam found in an organic molecule?


Identify the cell organelle where amino acids are linked to form polypeptides?


A structure that is composed of two or more tissues would be?

an organ

The four most common atoms elements in the human body are?

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about proteins in the body?
Proteins can be denatured or broken down by heat or pH changes
proteins are the structural components for muscles, bones and hair
proteins contribute to regulation of homeostasis in the body as
enzymes antibodies and most hormones
proteins act as receptors for hormones and for transport of polar
covalent molecules and ions through the plasma membrane
Proteins carry hereditary information

Proteins carry hereditary information

The most abundant molecule found in the human body is?


DNA is found in the?


Which is the correct sequence of molecules and organelles for protein synthesis?

DNA, RNA, Ribosome, Rough ER, Golgi apparatus, vesicles

Which of the following transport mechanisms is matched incorrectly
with a type of molecule is transported through the plasma membrane
Simple diffusion: oxygen, carbon dioxide, triglycerides
Facilitated diffusion: na plus, K+, amino acids and glucose
Osmosis: water
Active transport:Na+, K+, amino acids, and glucose
Vesicles transport: proteins bacteria steroids

Vesicles transport: proteins bacteria steroids

Identify the correct statement concerning the dermis of the skin?
Is made of dense irregular connective tissue
contains sweat and oil glands
contains melanocytes keratinocytes and Langerhans cells
has strength with elasticity to allow skin to stretch without tearing
contains tactile meissner's corpuscles and blood vessels


The nerve receptors in the skin that responds to pressure is the?

Lamellated (Pacinian) Corpuscles

Which is the function of the skin?

Contains sweat glands to decrease body temperature

General tissue type whose main function is to produce movement?


General tissue type of function includes support insulation and protection?


General tissue type is functions include protection secretion and absorption?


General tissue type that monitors and reacts to environment?


Body region term for ankle


Body region term for wrist


Body region term for hips


Body region term for upper arm


Body region term for eye socket


Body region term for shoulder joint


Identify the specific body cavity where the heart is located


Identify the building block for carbohydrates


Identify the cell organelle that modifies and packages proteins

Golgi apparatus

Identify the skin layer that is deep to the dermis


Identify the skin layer where this structure is located?


The primary function of the epiphyseal plate is?

Site of bone growth in length

The function of yellow bone marrow is?

Triglyceride storage

All of the following are actions functions of parathyroid hormone pth


A bone that contains a diaphysis and epiphysis areas is the


All of the following bones are part of the axial skeleton except the


The following are true about the ethmoid bone

Contains the pituitary gland

Transverse foramen are found in the

Cervical vertebrae

The bone that make up the palm of the hand are


Which of the following is classified as a cardiologist and prophetic articulation

Between L4 and L5 vertebrae

When your palms are lying flat on the table your forearms are


Which of the following conditions applies to a muscle fiber that is relaxing

Myosin binding sites are blocked

Muscles in the posterior part of the body above the hips predominantly


It has been about 10 minutes since the zombies burst into the room
and started munching on Professor wiser. You have escaped and are
running for your life. Although you were overcome with grief at this
terrible end (but secretly relieved you don't have to finish this
test) what fuel are you using (after 10 minutes) to power your muscles
for your Escape


You're so happy that you made an A on this test you feel like kissing
someone what muscle do you use to pucker up?

Orbicularis Oris

True or false
The elbow, knee, TMJ, falange-metacarpal and Ankle articulations
are all classified as hinge joints

False ( metacarpal are not a hinge)

Bone that articulates with proximal humerus


Contains osteoclasts to remodel / recycle bone


Bone that articulates inferiorly with occipital


Articulates with proximal end of tibia


Site of bone growth in diameter in long bones


Contractile protein in thin filaments


Hamstring muscle

Biceps femoris

Chewing muscle


Calf muscle


Smiling muscle


Identify the suture that articulates between the frontal and parietal bones

Coronal suture

Identify the group of vertebrae that articulates superiorly to the sacrum


Identify the origin of the sternocleidomastoid


Fractured the superior lateral cranial bone


Dislocated the ankle identify both bones that make up ankle joint

Talus and tarsal

Tore the muscle group that straightens the knee joint

Rectus femoris (quads)

Identify the structure incorrectly matched with the cartilage type:
articulating cartilage: Highland cartilage
Respiratory areas are (larynx, trachea) Highland cartilage
External ear: elastic cartilage
Nose: elastic cartilage
Intervertebral discs: fibrocartilage

Nose: elastic cartilage

The cranial bone that contains the pituitary gland is the


The facial bone that the tear duct passes through is the


The following bones are considered part of the Epic appendicular
skeleton except


The proximal end of the tibia articulates with the


The heel bone belongs to a group of Bones called the


The ability of a muscle to shorten when stimulated is called


Which of the following structures is correctly described

Sarcolemma: plasma membrane that contains receptors for acetylcholine

What occurs first after a muscle has been stimulated

Calcium ions are released

Identify the location of the flexor carpi radialis

Anterior forearm, distal end, lateral side

Zombies have burst into the room after throwing profession wiser in
their path to lunch and you run through the door and out the building
the fuel you're using in these first few seconds to escape include

ATP and keratin phosphate

Transports material between osteocytes and Central canal in compact bone


Rings of calcified matrix in compact bone