AC 111 2nd Quiz Flashcards

advertising appeal

the approach used to attract the attention of consumers and/or to
influence their feelings toward the product, service, or cause

creative execution style

the way a particular appeal is turned into an advertising message
presented to the consumer

informational/rational appeals

focus on the consumer's practical, functional, or utilitarian need
for the product or service and emphasize features of a product or
service and/or the benefits or reasons for owning or using a
particular brand

emotional appeals

relate to the customer's social and/or psychological needs for
purchasing a product or service

transformational ad

one which associates the experience of using (consuming) the
advertised brand with a unique set of psychological characteristics
which would not typically be associated with the brand experience to
the same degree without exposure to the advertisement

reminder advertising

advertising designed to keep the name of the product or brand in the
mind of the receiver

teaser advertising

designed to build curiosity, interest, and/or excitement about a
product or brand by talking about it but not actually showing it

user-generated content (UGC)

ads are created by consumers rather than by the company and/or its agency


the words in the leading position of the ad
-the words that will be read first or are positioned to draw the
most attention

direct headlines

straightforward and informative in terms of the message they are
presenting and the target audience they are directed towards

indirect headlines

not straightforward about identifying the product or service or
getting to the point
-more effective at attracting reader's attention and interest
because they provoke curiosity and lure readers into the body copy to
learn an answer or get an explanation


secondary headlines in a print ad

body copy

main text portion of a print ad
heart of the advertising message


physical arrangement of the various parts of the ad, including the
headline, subheads, body copy, illustrations, and any identifying marks


the message is delivered or action on a screen is narrated or
described by an announcer who is not visible


music that is prefabricated, multipurpose, and highly conventional


a written version of a commercial that provides a detailed
description of its video and audio content

direct marketing

a system of marketing by which organizations communicate directly
with target customers to generate a response or transaction

direct-response media

media used to seek a direct response from the consumer , including
direct mail, television, print, digital, and other media

one-step approach

a direct-marketing strategy in which the medium is used directly to
obtain an order (for example, television direct-response ads)

two-step approach

a direct marketing strategy in which the first effort is designed to
screen or qualify potential buyers, while the second effort has the
responsibility of generating the response

mailing list

constitutes the database from which names are generated, and the
ability to segment markets, and of course the offer


unsolicited commercial email

direct-response advertising

a form of advertising for a product or service that elicits a sales
response directly from the advertiser

support advertising

the ad is designed to support other forms of advertising appearing in
other media


television commercials that are very long, ranging from several
minutes to an hour
-designed to provide customers with detailed information about a
product or service


sales by telephone

direct selling

the direct, personal presentation, demonstration, and sales of
products and services to consumers in their homes

cost per order (CPO)

a measure used in direct marketing to determine the number of orders
generated relative to the cost of running the advertisement

customer lifetime value (CLV)

an estimate of the total life-time profit that can be generated from
a specific customer

sales promotion

marketing activities that provide extra value or incentives to the
sales force, distributors, or the ultimate consumer and can stimulate
immediate sales

consumer-oriented sales promotion

targeted to the ultimate consumer such as coupons, samples, contests,
rebates, sweepstakes and premium offers

trade-oriented sales promotion

designed to motivate distributors and retailers to carry a product
and make an extra effort to promote or "push" it to their customers

account-specific marketing

whereby a manufacturer collaborates with an individual retailer to
create a customized promotion that accomplishes mutual objectives

consumer franchise-building (CFB) promotions

sales promotion activities that communicate distinctive brand
attributes and contribute to the development and reinforcement of
brand identity

non-franchise building (non FB) promotions

sales promotion activities that are designed to accelerate the
purchase decision process and generate an immediate increase in sales
but do little or nothing to communicate information about a brand and
contribute to its identity and image


involves a variety of procedures whereby consumers are given some
quantity of a product for no charge to induce trial

freestanding inserts (FSIs)

4 color multipage printed advertising booklet that contains consumer
packaged goods coupon offers delivered with newspapers

bounce-back coupon

in/on pack coupon that is redeemable for the next purchase of the
same brand

cross-ruff coupon

in/on pack coupon that is redeemable on the purchase of a different
product, usually one made by the same company but occasionally through
a tie-in with another manufacturer

instant coupon

attached to the outside of the package so the consumer can rip it off
and redeem it immediately

in-store couponing

the distribution of coupons in retail stores through various methods
such as tear-off pads, handouts, and on-shelf or electronic dispensers


an offer of an item of merchandise or service either free or at a low
price that is an extra incentive for purchasers

self-liquidating premiums

requires the consumer to pay some or all of the cost of the premium
plus handling and mailing costs


a promotion where consumers compete for prizes or money on the basis
of skills or ability


a promotion where winners are determined purely by chance


a promotion that is a form of sweepstakes because it has a chance
element or odds of winning associated with it
-usually involves game card devices that can be rubbed or opened to
unveil a winning number or prize description

refunds (rebates)

offers by the manufacturer to return a portion of the product
purchase price, usually after the consumer supplies some proof of purchase

bonus packs

offer the consumer an extra amount of a product at the regular price
by providing larger containers or extra units

price-off deal

promotional strategy in which the consumer receives a reduction in
the regular price of the brand

loyalty programs

programs designed to encourage repeat purchase or patronage of a
specific brand of a product or service

event marketing

a type of promotion where a company or brand is linked to an event or
where a themed activity is developed for the purpose of creating
experiences for consumers and promoting a product or service

event sponsorship

an imc activity where a company develops actual sponsorship relations
with a particular event and provides financial support in return for
the right to display a brand name, logo, or advertising message and be
identified as a supporter of the event

push money (pm)

cash payments made directly to the retailer's or wholesaler's sales
staff to encourage them to promote and sell a manufacturer's own sales organization

trade allowance

a discount or deal offered to retailers or wholesalers to encourage
them to stock, promote, or display the manufacturer's products

off-invoice allowance

a promotional discount offered to retailers or wholesalers whereby a
certain per-case amount of percentage is deducted from the invoice

slotting allowances

fees retailers charge for providing a slot or position to accommodate
the new product

failure fees

a trade promotion agreement whereby a marketer agrees to pay a
penalty fee if a product stocked by a retailer does not meet
agreed-upon sales levels


configurations of products that occupy a shelf section in a store

trade show

a forum where manufacturers can display their products to current as
well as prospective buyers

cooperative advertising

where the cost of advertising is shared by more than one party

horizontal cooperative advertising

advertising sponsored in common by a group of retailers or other
organizations providing products or services to the market

ingredient-sponsored cooperative advertising

advertising supported by raw material manufacturers with the
objective being to help establish end products that include materials
and/or ingredients supplied by the company

vertical cooperative advertising

a manufacturer pays for a portion of the advertising a retailer runs
to promote the manufacturer's product and its availability in the
retailer's place of business

sales promotion trap

a spiral that results when a number of competitors extensively use promotions
-one firm uses sales promotion to differentiate its product or
service and other competitors copy the strategy, resulting in no
differential advantage and a loss of profit margins to all