The Great Depression Flashcards

The Great Depression was a time during the mid 1930's, it was caused
by the stock market crashing in 1929 and lasted for a extended period
of time.

Many died from starvation during this time, people also made small
communities called Hoovervilles. It lasted until WW1, the war gave
people jobs which helped boost the economy along with the New Deal.

The Great Depression as a whole is just one big domino game, one
thing happening causing other things to happen. The list goes on, from
banks shutting down, to people making Hoovervilles.

Certain things happen that make other things happen, like for
instance; when people tried to cut of their stock investments and went
to the banks to get their money, this led to the banks shutting down
because they didn't have the money to give back. This is just one of
the domino effect playouts during the Great Depression.

During this time I bet you can imagine people wanting money, but when
everyone rushed to the bank in one mass to sell their stocks and try
to recover their money it was called a bank run. Let me explain.

Bank runs were common during this time, money was rare, people were
desperate, and the only seemingly hopeful light was the banks.
Citizens would all rush to the banks to sell their stocks, a lot of
the time the banks would even close so that they didn't have to face
the bombardment of angry and scared people rushing ton their doors.

During the Great Depression many people were poor and homeless as an
effect of the economic failures occurring during that time, they were
called hobos.

Hobos were very poor people who did not have a home to stay in most
of the time, they were often travailing around in the day. They
usually begged to survive, this is more evidence that the Great
Depression was a poor time.