agriculture Flashcards


growing plants without soil.

ideal ph for plants


5 plant needs

nutrients, sun, structure, water, oxygen

hydroponics role in ww2

transportable, survive harsh conditions

what is a passive system, example

no pump, wick system

4 kinds of hydroponic lights

fluorescent, led, metal halide, hps


use of fish giving off nitrate

3 macronutrients

potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus

5 growing mediums

rock wool, lava rocks, clay pebbles, perlite

5 adv of hydroponics

better quality, less water, no weeds, small area, faster growth

5 disadvantages of hydroponics

expertise, cost, disease, time, labor

5 hydroponic units

flood & drain, wick, drip, bucket, nft

draw aquaponic system

fish give off nitrate (include)

draw active system

drip system

draw passive system

wick system

what are 3 micronutrients

boron, zinc, copper

list 5 active systems