Brain/Cranial Nerves- Final exam review Flashcards

Corpus Collosum

41 - communication between the two hemispheres

Frontal Lobe

7 - Cognition and memory

Occipital lobe

25 - Vision

Medulla oblangata

63 - controls heartbeat and breathing


6 - coordinates voluntary movement and balance


65 - regulates respiration

Broca's Area (motor speech area)

30 - Controls muscles responsible for the production of speech

Sensory cortex

20 - sensations

Visual cortex

5 - conveys visual information

Temporal Lobe

32 - hearing, language processing, and memory.

Olfactory Nerve - I

I. Sense of smell

Optic Nerve - II

II.- sight

Oculomotor Nerve

III. Eyeball movement; alters lens for vision and also constricts the pupil

Trochlear - IV

IV - lateral eye movement

Trigeminal Nerve -V

V- Chewing,touch, pain & temperature

Abducens Nerve- VI

Controls the movement of the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.

Facial Nerves- VII

VII- Facial expressions

Glossopharyngeal Nerve - IX

IX -Secretion of saliva; involved with taste

Vagus Nerve - X

X - visceral muscle movement

Accessory Nerve - XI

XI - head, neck, shoulder ; movement swallowing