Enviro management Quiz 5 Flashcards


a secret arrangement between two or more persons for a fraudulent or
deceitful purpose


to win over through assimilation into an established group or culture


dishonest and venal (as in betraying one's duty or honor to bribery

Cons of Contracting


hollow government

- where public organizations are separated from their output
- how will public programs be held accountable for the results that
contracting/grant making produce
-privatizing--> shit happens with private companies

pros of contracting




The revolving door

- cycling in and out of government
- PROS: creates perspective
CONS: hard to get to know people or "build bridges

Public policy making process

1) setting the agenda
2) specification of alternatives
3) an authoritative choice
4) implementation of the decision

Inside participants

president (+staff)
civil servants

outside participants

interest groups
academic researchers and consultants
media- specialize or broad
election related- responding to voters
public opinion

Window of opportunity OPENS when...

administration changes
change in national mood
new problems arise

window of opportunities CLOSE when..

participants feel they have addressed the problem
participants fail to take action
events opening the window pass from the scene
more personnel changes
no available alternatives and opportunity passes

single-source tools

harm based standards
design standards
technology specifications
product bans/limitations

multi-source tools

integrated permitting
tradable emissions
challenge regulations

tools that dont directly limit pollution

pollution fees
info reporting
technical assistance

command and control advantages

target specific pollutants, sites
economic equity

command and control disadvantages

no incentives to go beyond
not cost effective for non-point source

rules of thumb regarding how enviro managers match policy instruments
to problems

local problems require local responses
dynamic sectors need flexibility and innovation
policy instruments can be combined to address environmental problems
if sources of a problem are dispersed, design and technology
instruments wont work


Resource Conservation and REcovery Act
I: "" with regard to active waste
P: track wastes from generation to disposal


Endangered Species Act
I: "" with regard to endangered species
P: conservation of ecosystems


Safe Drinking water act
I:"" with regard to drinking water
P: prevent contamination of groundwater


pollution prevention act
I:"" with regard to pollution
P: reduction of pollution at the source


National environmental policies act
I:"" with regard to government
P: creation of a committee for environmental quality


Federal insecticide fungicide and rodenticide act
I:"" with regard to pesticides
P: affect what products are used, how they are used, and under what
strictures managers can be held liable


Clean water act
I:"" with regard to surface water
P: prevent contamination of surface water


comprehensive environmental response compensation and liability act
I:"" with regard to inactive waste
P: identify and rank sites


superfund amendments and reauthorization act
I:"" with regard to community right to know
P: inform communities when they are being exposed to toxic substances


hazardous and solid waste amendments
I:"" with regard to hazardous and solid waste
P: regulate new classes of facilities


I:"" with regard to toxic substances
P: require EPA to look at risks of new chemicals in substances