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7 different nutrients

1. carbs
2. protein
3. fats
4. water
5. vitamins
6. minerals
7. fiber

Different fats and how they relate to diseases

1. saturated/ HEART DISEASE
3. Polyunsaturated/ prevents heart disease
4. Monounsaturated/ prevents hear disease

Roles of Fats

- insulate and provide support for organs
- most concentrated source of energy
- absorb soluble vitamins
- can be stored as usable energy
- fat soluble/ ADEK
-water soluble/ everything else; we pee it out

Roles of Carbs


Roles of Protein

- help build muscle and bones
- basic building blocks are amino acids
- 11 incomplete that you get from your body
- 9 complete which you get from food

Types and benefits of Fiber

-Functional/ nondigestable. added to food but made in lab, ex: fiber
1 bar
-Dietary/ nondigestable carbs from plants. ex: vegetables
-Soluble/ dissolves in water
-Insoluble/ Intact when in water
-Keeps you full, moves stool through digestive tract, lowers
cholesterol, slows down absorption of fat, prevents heart disease,
prevents colon cancer, lowers LDL

Types of Vegetarians

1. Vegan/ all plants
2. Lacto-Ovo/ plants, eggs and dairy
3. Lacto/ plants and dairy
4. partial, semi/ plants, poultry, eggs and dairy
5. pesco/ plants, fish and seafood

Discretionary calories


Difference between white bread and whole wheat bread


Percentage of water in the human body


Misinformation on dietary supplements

- red flags such as
1. non regulated by FDA
2. says it does it all
3. says its natural
4. quick and easy fix
5. medical jargons
6. time tested
7. guarantees false results
8. false testimony

Physical fitness

the body's ability to respond to the demands and stress of physical effort

5 health related components of physical fitness

1. cardio and aerobic endurance
2. flexibility
3. body composition
4. muscular endurance
5. muscular strength

Muscular Strength

- amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort
-2-3 nonconsecutive days
-8-12 reps to build muscle

The effects of exercise


ACSM recommendations with the FITT principle

-Frequency/ 3-5 days per week
-Intensity/ Max oxygen consumption
-Time/ 20-60 minutes per workout
-Type/ warm up and cool down



Body composition


Target Heart Rate

-60-80% heart rate

Weight gain and Energy balance

-0.5-2.0 pounds per week maximum
-key is keeping a healthy ratio and fat free mass
-energy in greater than out, gain weight
-energy out greater than in, lose weight
-energy in is equal to out, maintain weight

Waist circumference

- men have weight around belly, which equals apple shape
- women have weight around hips, which equals a pear
- men, no more than 40 inches
-women, no more than 35 inches

BMI chart

- healthy/ 18.5-24.9
-overweight/ 25-29.9
- underweight/ less than 18.5

causes of obesity

genetics, physiological, lifestyle

types of fats


Recommended for diabetics

Stay away from:
1. sugary foods
2. refined or simple carbs
3. soda or sugary drinks

Eating disorders


One pound of fat to calories

1 pounds = 3500 calories

Risk factors that cannot be changed


Risk factors that can be changed


Cholesterol and lipoproteins


Term for Heart attack and stroke


symptoms of heart attack

- chest pain
-arm, neck or jaw pain
-difficulty breathing
-die within 2 hours of symptoms
-1/3 people don't feel chest pain

Symptoms of stroke


Top killer in US


Common cancers for men and women

women: breast cancer
men: prostate cancer

Cancer prevention for women

pap test

ABCD method for skin cancer

A: asymmetrical/ half doesn't match other half
B: Borderline irregularity/ edges are ragged and blurred
C: Color/ tan, brown, black with dashes
D: Diameter/ no larger than 6 mm (size of pencil eraser)


high blood pressure

Systolic vs. Diastolic

systolic/ top number of blood pressure and when the heart beats
Diastolic/ bottom number and when beats are at rest

Normal blood pressure



artery becomes clogged with saturated fats

Way to lower blood pressure

heart healthy diet and exercise


when cancer enter bloodstream and travels to other parts of body


non cancerous





Female athlete triad


Healthy way to gain weight

strength train to build muscle and calorie dense diet