Ch 26 Flashcards

Urinary system

2 kidneys 2 ureters one urinary bladder one urethra
infection prevented by valves that prevent backflow, acidity of
urine, mechanical flushing

female reproductive

two ovaries, two uterine (fallopian tubes)
uterus including cervix, the vagina
external genitals

men reproductive

two testes, accessory glands, penis, epididymis, ductus (vas)
deferens, ejaculatory duct, and urethra

normal microbiota

urinary bladder and upper urinary tract are sterile
lactobacilli in vagina produce hydrogen peroxide, grow on glycogen secretions

urinary system infections

cystitis, urethritis, dylonephritis


inflammation of the urinary bladder


inflammation of urethre


inflammation of one or both kidneys


caused by E.coli, S. saprophyticus
sympt- Dysuria (difficult or painful urination)
pyuria (pus in urine)


usually caused by e. coli
fever, back or flank pain


leptospira interrogans
dogs and rats carry
contaminated water, urine, most common zoonosis, skin/mucosal contact
sympt - headaches, muscular aches, fever, kidney failure

sexually transmitted infections

prevented by condoms, infections because disease implies signs and symptoms.

Nongonococcal urethritis (NGU)

nonspecific urethritis
Chylamydia trachomatis
sympt - painful urination and watery discharge, in women
complications such as PID

Pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID)

polymicrobic usually
N. gonor
Salpingitis - infection of uterine tubes (fallopian)
sympt- chronic abdominal pain sterility possible

Genital Warts

HPV serotype 16 cervical cancer and cancer of penis
get vaccined for it, HPV strain


Candidia albicans
grows of mucosa in mouth, intestinal tract, and genitourinary tract

Trichomoniasis protozoan

Trichomonas vaginalis
found in semen/urine of male carriers
vaginal infection causes irritation and profuse foul green yellow
frothy discharge


Tests for antibodies in pregnant women for disease than can cause
birth defects