Why There Should Be Fast Food In Schools Flashcards

I'm sure we're all tired of waking up
everyday, knowing, that we have to eat school lunch!

I mean the stuff doesn't even taste

Did you know that there was a poll in
the Washington Post that said that 77% of high school students
didn�t like school lunch because of the choices that were being served.


Every time we eat a cheeseburger or a burger without
cheese from school, we�re eating food that has standards less than
those of a fast food restaurant, which means it has more chemicals.

In fact the U.S. Department of
Agriculture has less of a demand to check the meat served
in schools for things like dangerous pathogens than fast food places.


Honestly, I feel that is just nauseating. We shouldn�t have to
eat food that is of less quality, yet quoted as better for you than
fast food restaurants.

No parent wants to feed their children food of extremely
low quality, yet meat from �old birds� is exactly what
children are being served at school.


Even places like KFC and Campbell Soup Company refuse to buy such
meat of quality considerations .

If fast food isn�t served in schools, then kids (teens)
could find a way, (like their parents), to go to the nearest fast
food place. but that could take away from their learning time in
the end.

They could end up being out too long and end up missing


So why not prevent this by putting fast food places like
KFC, McDonald�s, or Taco Bell even in the cafeteria.

Plus, if kids had something to look forward to when going to
school, more kids would be motivated to get up and come to school
than to stay home.

Now, of course there are the downsides to placing in
fast food places in schools.


As you may be thinking, yes, that could take money out of a school�s
budget. Or, maybe, better yet, you�re thinking, �What if someone
becomes obese?�

Fast food is one of the main reasons
for obesity in America.


Since 1970, the amount of fast food restaurants in
business doubled, which equates to about 300,000 establishments in
the United States.

Could there be a link between fast food and obesity? (Powerpoint)

Let�s look at a few typical fast food menu items, which do not
contain drinks or sides:
McDonalds Big Mac: 540 calories and 29 g of fat
Burger King Whopper: 670 calories and 40 g of fat
Wendy�s Bacon Deluxe Double: 880 calories and 52 g of fat
Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande: 770 calories and 24 g of


Now let�s throw in the sides:

Medium fries at McDonalds: 380 calories and 19 g of

Onion rings at Dairy Queen: 360 calories and 16 g of

Regular cole slaw at Popeye�s: 260 calories and 23 g of


These foods are highly processed, full of fat, calories and
sodium. You could easily take in 1,500 calories from just one meal alone.

So should we have to put out on having fast food in schools.
Yes, Obesity is a issue in today�s society, but self control could
help ease that.


Now, I could tell you many more reason as to why fast food should
be more than allowed in schools, but you should decide for yourself.

We shouldn�t have to deal with not having fast food in schools
when we could use two little words, �Self Control�.