Communication and Gender: Comm & Gender Flashcards

Biological Determinism

facts" of sex are thought to constitute natural
differences between men and women. View heterosexuality as natural
outcome of human sexual activity/ reproduction.


Biological (male, female. intersex, transsexual; based on genitalia,
chromosomes, hormones).


Structure of social relations and social practices that create
meaning around differences in sex and that provide normative
assumption =s regarding the range of "masculine, and feminine behaviors.


is a sociological about how an individual can face multiple threats
of discrimination when their identities overlap a number of minority
classes, such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, health and other characteristics.

Standpoint Theory

Knowledge is socially situated Marginalized group are
socially situated in ways that make it more possible for them to be
aware of things than it is for the non-marginalized
Research focused on power relations begin with the lives of the

Waves of Feminism
Wave Liberal

women could not get a divorce women not allow to go to
school no right for full citizenship man rape their
wives Hold no name for their property.

Waves of Feminism


The feminist mistake No rights to follow their dreams/
do what they want women had to come together to be
politically All women have nothing in common women
likely to get paid less in work place,

Waves of Feminism


Makes change to the institution take things into
account value of representation Change in sexual and
ways of thinking Take the voices and put them out


Feminism movement was really important Feminist is
over The choices individuals made had a huge impact
stay true to your roll as a woman and stay home if you
are unhappy it's your fault you should do what makes you happy.


we learn about ourselves and others in conversation (conversation
work, identity work, relationship work).

4 Critical Research Criteria for studying gender

Use an Intersectional gender analysis to explore gender
diversity, not sex difference only Gender should emerge in
research, not be imposed by researcher Researchers must
examine communication context physical, social, cultural,
psychology Research should examine communication as strategic

Two Culture approach to gender comm research

Feminis style: "Rapport talk"
relationship building collaboration
empathy Indirect communication
Masculine style : "Report Talk"
Task orientation Asserting oneself/status
Competitiveness Stories as Monologues, not as

Critical Ethnographic Approach to Gender comm research

Use intersectional frameworks Do not impose gender on
people Attemp to understand social preferences and
expectation View social behavior as always potentially

Gender roll


Gender typing


gender Scheme theory


Semantic Derogation

Two terms ought to be parallel concepts, but one is derogatory and
the other is not

Semantic imbalance

lots of words to describe something related to one group but not
other groups.
example: Naming genitals in urban dictionary


using language to disempower
Boy vs Girl

Truncated passive Micro-aggression

passive verbs allow agent of action to be deleted