Micro Eukaryotic Parasites Flashcards


macroscopic multicellular eukaryotic worms

Cestodes (Tapeworms)

flat, segmented intestinal parasites with hooks and suckers that
attach to host; burrow through intestines

Trematodes (Flukes)

flat, leaf shaped worms that effect the lungs, blood, liver and
intestine; two types: liver flukes and blood flukes

Liver flukes (trematodes)

from humans ingesting aquatic vegetation that can be acute or chronic

Blood flukes (trematodes)

major public health concern; can burrow in the skin and cause fatal
tissue damage

Nematodes (roundworms)

shed eggs into the intestine and is transmitted to humans from eating
egg contaminated food

Nematodes (Hookworms)

eggs hatch in warm soil and worms burrow through the skin, carry
through the blood to the heart, lungs and trachea where they are
swallowed again

Nematodes (Pinworm)

human hosts only; most common worm; mate in the colon and scratching
causes them to embed into your skin