Psych 230 chapt 11-15 Flashcards

Define �emerging adulthood� including range of ages.

It is widely thought of as a separate development stage that ranges
from age 18 and 25. This time is considered the prime of life

What is Erikson�s basic task of adulthood?

Ethic identity is particularly important in multiethnic cultures

How is adult thinking different from adolescent thinking?

Adult thinking is more flexible, better able to coordinate the
objective and subjective.

Is there a fifth stage of cognitive development?

Identity vs role confusion

Define stereotype threat

The possibility that one�s appearance or behavior will be misread to
confirm another person�s oversimplified prejudiced attitudes.

Does happiness increase during young adulthood?


Is cohabitation common?

It's the current from of emerging adults in many nations

Is parental support important during emerging adulthood?

Yes, it is financial as well as emotional, may be more crucial than
in earlier times

Define senescence

Depends on the individual and cultural factors. Some cultures, like
ours, tend to devalue aging while cultures equate senescence with
positive gains based on experience and acquisition of wisdom.

Define IVF

In Vitro fertilization, technique in which ova are surgically removed
from a women and fertilized with a sperm in a lab. They are then
inserted into women�s uterus.

Define andropause. It is controversial?

A term coined to signify a drop in testosterone levels in older men,
which normally results in reduced sexual desire, erections, and muscle
mass. Yes, is it controversial.

Is tobacco harmful?

Yes, smoking always harms health

What are the stages of habit breaking? Which one is considered most important?

Denial, Awareness, Planning, Implementation, Maintenance. Maintenance
is the most important step.

What did Spearman say about intelligence?

Proposed that there is a single entity of intelligence called general
intelligence. There are three types: Analytic, Creative, and Practical.

What factors protect adults from recognizing senescence?

Three aspects of body functioning, which are oran reserve,
homeostasis, and allostasis

How does the rate of cancer change as we age?

Every year of life but lifestyle, not age, is usually the underlying cause.

Which type of intelligence declines as we age?

Fluid intelligence, tasks such as short term memory, speed of
thinking decline with age.

How do experts think differently than novices?

They are better thinkers than novices because they are more
intuitive, their cognitive processes are automatic, often seeming to
require little conscious thought.

Described social convoy

Friends and consequential strangers are part of the social convoy
that helps adults happily through the years.

How do the big five change as we age?

Showing increases in conscientiousness and agreeableness and slight
reductions on openness, extroversion and neuroticism

Define social convoy.

Friends and consequential strangers are part of the social convoy
that helps adults happily through the years.

Describe ideal love as presented by Sternberg.

It is a combination of intimacy, passion, and commitment

Describe the effects of divorce.

Include reduced income, lost friendships, weakened relationships with children.

How do adults have generativity needs met?

Primarily through raising children, caring for others, and being
productive members of society.

Define ageism. With what is it associated?

Its a stereotype based on age, a prejudice that leads to less
competent and less confident elders. It is associated with leading to
an illness.

Define elderspeak

It's form of ageism that can also reduce communication.

What percentage of the population over 64 is dependent?


What is proven method for extending life?

Calorie restriction is the only way proven to extend life for some
creatures but not yet proven in humans.

Identify examples of selective optimization with compensation.

Personal determination, adjustment by society, and technological devices.

As a person ages, what do brain scans show?

The speed of processing slows down, parts of the brain shrink, and
more areas of the brain are activated in older people.

How does memory fade as we age?

Senses become dulled, some stimuli never reach the sensory memory.
Slower processing means that some thoughts are lost.

Define primary aging.

Happens to everyone, reduced organ reserve in body and brain

What conditions look very similar to dementia?

Alzheimer disease, vascular dementia, frontal lobe dementia, and
Parkinson disease

Is the number of centenarians increasing?

It is increasing and many of them are quite healthy and happy.

Does creativity change as we age?


Is Erikson�s theory a self-theory?

Yes, it is the final stage of psychosocial development

How does one cope with maintaining identity?

Objects and places become more precious in late adulthood as people
seek a way to hold on to identity.

Define the positivity effect.

Refers to the tendency for elderly people to perceive, prefer, and
remember positive images and experiences more than negative ones.

Define activity theory

The view that elderly people want and need to remain active in social
spheres with relatives, friends, and community groups and become
withdrawn only unwillingly as a result of ageism-suggests that if the
aged disengage, it is not by choice

Know general preferences of the elderly.

Volunteering, informed about current events and to vote, retirement,
religion activity, and home improvement or redecoration.

Do elders who have never married have friends?

They tend to have strong social connections with friends, sometimes
faring better than those who have been divorced or widowed.

Define remote grandparent.

Emotionally distant from their grandchildren

Define surrogate grandparent.

Raise their grandchildren usually because parents are unable or
unwilling to do so

How is the caregiver of the frail elderly impacted?

It can be depressing or satisfying depending on the type of support.

When is elder abuse more likely?

If the caregiver is suffering from emotional problems or substance
abuse, if the care receiver is fair and demanding, and in care
location is an isolated place where visitors are rare.

Name the types of elder abuse

Financial more than physical

What is the general cost of a nursing home?

85,000/year in 2011