Rhetorical Devices II Flashcards


repetition of the same word or words at the beginning of successive
phrases, clauses, or sentences
Will he read the book? Will he learn what it has to teach him? Will
he live according to what he has learned?


repetition of same word or words at end of successive phrases,
clauses, or sentences
Where affections bear rule, there reason is subdued, honesty is
subdued, good will is subdued, and all things else that withstandevil,
forever are subdued.


combining anaphora and epistrophe, one word or phrase repeated at
beginning and another word or phrase is repeated at end
To think clearly and rationally should be a major goal for man; but
to think clearly and rationally is always the greatest difficulty
faced by man.


involves repeating a word or expression while adding more detail to it
Pride-- boundless pride-- is the bane of civilization.

Rhetorical question

its answer is obvious or obviously desired
Is justice then to be considered merely a word?