chapter 6 key term Flashcards

injuries, large or small, caused by the use including the use of a
drug can be as harmless as a drug rash or as serious as death from an
overdose the two types of a bees are those calls by errors and those
that occurred despite proper use

Adverse Drug Events (ADEs)

Group of people authorized by law to conduct, maintain, and operate a
hospital for the benefit of the public and whose legal and moral
responsibility for policies and operations of the hospital are not for
personal benefit of the members

Board of Directors or Governing Board

Certificate approved by a local comma State comma review board
permitting hospitals to construct new or additional facilities, open
new services, or make large purchases - 8 condition required for in
reimbursement by Medicare


Professional who has demonstrated skill and knowledge and asset
management, financial management, operation management, human resource
management, and communication and information management in Radiology

Certified Radiology administrator (CRA)

Person appointed by the board of directors who has full
accountability for the entire hospital or health organisation


Services provided the components of patient care that collectively
support the Physician's Plan for diagnosis and treatments

Clinical Support Services

System of development in the workplace for daily improving
performances at every level and every operational process by focusing
on meeting or exceeding customer expectations

Continuous quality improvement

Unit of the hospital with specific functions or specialized skills
such as housekeeping, surgery, Radiology, or accounting


Physician who represents a department or service and set as a former
member of the executive medical staff committee semicolon responsible
for all of the medical operations of a hospital department and may
also oversee residency training program

Department chair

Ancillary Department of the hospital responsible for recruiting,
selected, it's important, and compensating employees; and maintaining
skills, quality, and motivation; collective bargaining; and
occupational health and safety

Human resources department

Independent not - 4 - profit organization that evaluates and
accredits more than 17,000 Health Care organizations and programs in
the United States and is the nation's primary standard setting and
accrediting Body in health care comma TJC standards focus on improving
the quality and safety of patient care provided by Healthcare organizations

The Joint Commission

Physician responsible for the medical operation and quality of the
hospital department or service, also responsible for providing input
regarding policies and procedures and day-to-day operations of the department

Medical director

Failure to complete a planned action as intended or the use of a
wrong plan to achieve an aim, can be related to an incorrect
diagnosis, equipment failure, infection, or a misinterpretation of an order

Medical error

Formal organization of Physicians authorized to admit and attend to
patients within a hospital, have all the rights privileges, bylaws,
elected officers, and various committees and activities

Medical staff

Statement of an organization that summarizes is intend to provide
service in terms of the service that offers, the intended recipients
of services, and a description of the level of cost

Mission statement

Federal agency that enforces standards for safety in the workplace,
conducts inspections, and direct determination of fines for
noncompliance with the policies and regulations


Process of identifying and analyzing important organizational and
individual performance gapps, planning for future performance
Improvement, designing and developing cost-effective and ethically
justifiable interventions to close before me guess, implementing the
interventions, and evaluating the financial and non-financial results

Performance Improvement

Organization of a hospital or medical clinic that provides Diagnostic
Imaging through Medical Technology such as x-ray examination,
fluoroscopy, computed tomography common Interventional Radiology,
magnetic resonance Imaging, nuclear medicine, and ultrasonography

Radiology / medical imaging department

Position responsible for overseeing a component or sub Department of
a hospital service - for example, a radiologist who is chief of the
nuclear medicine services

Service Chief

Insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and other commercial
companies that are the pairs of inpatient and outpatient medical
expenses for the patient

Third party payers

Management of quality in the workplace from a perspective of total
involvement of every employee comma with a strong focus on Process
Measurement and control

Total quality management - tqm

State Health Departments, Joint Commission, Nuclear Regulatory
Commission, OSHA, Accreditation Organizations and the Mammography
Standards Act, and Hipaa

External Agencies

Safety Committee, infection control committee, radiation safety
Committee, pharmacy and therapeutic committee, Risk management and
corporate compliance, picture archive and Communication System,


Charts a course of action for the future that enables coordinated and
consistent fulfillment of goals and objectives


The development of a structure or framework that identifies how
people do their work


What management does in the way of helping, assisting, and expediting processes


Getting the right people to do the work and developing their
abilities to do their work. Better


The stimulation of effort needed to perform the required work


Performance standards or guidelines used to measure progress toward
the goals of the organization


Process by which the manager achieves orderly group activities and
unity of effort by workers who are fully aware of a common purpose


Organizing and managing resources for a project to be carried out
within a specified period with defined costs and expected outcomes

Project management