Soc Ch. 16 Flashcards

Convergence theory

a theory that suggests capitalist and socialist economies are
becoming increasingly similar.


a political system in which the right to vote is widespread and
government leaders are selected through multiparty elections


a social institution that includes a society�s production,
distribution, and consumption of goods and services.


the system by which authority is exer- cised over a specific territory.

human security

concern for the health and rights of individual human beings rather
than the security of nations.

mixed economies

economies that combine elements of both market-based capitalism with
the significant government intervention associated with socialism.

national security state

a government dominated by powerful military, foreign policy, and
intelligence agencies.

pluralist theory

a theory that argues that political power is fragmented among many
different competing groups.

plurality voting

a �winner-take-all� electoral system in which the candidate with the
most votes wins the office being contested.

proportional representation

an electoral system in which parties are awarded seats in government
based on the percentage of votes they receive in an election