Soc ch. 14 Flashcards

active audiences

audiences that make choices about how they use the media and actively
interpret media content.


the separation and isolation of workers as a result of the structure
of capitalist society.

commodity fetishism

consumers� failure to recognize the labor that created the value in
the commodities they use.

cultural imperialism

the tendency of media corpora- tions from wealthier
nations�especially the United States�to export so many of their media
products that they come to dominate the local cultures of other, espe-
cially poorer, nations

digital divide

the gap between those who have the knowledge and resources needed to
use digital information technology, especially computers and the
Internet, and those who do not

ownership concentration

what occurs when more media outlets come to be owned by a diminishing
number of media corporations

user generated content

content that is created by ordinary media users, rather than by media
organizations, and that is available to a potentially large audience