Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist: A Positive Care Approach: Kahoot Chapter 15 OBGYN (Nicola) Flashcards

What radiological study might be ordered preoperatively for a patient scheduled for tuboplasty?


Which is the largest supporting ligament in the pelvis that has anterior and posterior areas?


When is the first closing count performed in a cesarean section?

When the first suture is given for closure of the uterus

Which method of tubal ligation is less frequently done due to SSI & requires long instruments?


Which piece of OR furniture would likely be unnecessary for many vaginal surgical procedures?

Mayo Stand

Which of the following are not paired ligaments that support the uterus in the lower abdomen?


Which incision is MOST frequently used for cesarean sections?


Which anatomical structure is located anterior to the symphysis pubis & superior to the vagina?

Mons pubis

Which of the following is used for creating pneumo-peritoneum in laparoscopy cases?

Carbon Dioxide

What is the purpose of putting a roll under the right hip of a pregnant patient prior to surgery

It reduces pressure of the gravid uterus on the vena cava

Which gynecologic procedure is performed for treatment of urinary incontinence or cystocele?

Anterior colporrhapy

Instruments used for closure of the vaginal cuff in a total abdominal hysterectomy are

Isolated as contaminated

Fallopian tubes are located bilaterally in the mesosalpinx of which uterine-pelvic ligaments?


Cherney, Maylard, and Pfannenstiel are examples of gynecologic

Transverse abdominal incisions

Which is routinely done prior to gynecologic laparoscopy-may need an extra set up?

Insertion of uterine manipulator

Cephalopelvic disproportion is a component of which indications for a c section delivery?


Tubal ligation is performed for

Elective Sterilization

What is another name for the ovarian suspensory ligament? ?


Which term means the number of times a woman has been pregnant?


Which pistol-grip type of instrument might be found in a D & C tray for cervical biopsy?


What is the name of the routine surgical treatment of infected Bartholin's gland cysts?


Total abdominal hysterectomy is assigned which wound classification?

Class II

Delivery of the placenta is the conclusion of which stage of labor?


Which procedure doesn't require an incision, use of trocars, or distention with gas/fluid? ?


Which of the following is a serum analysis done to detect ovarian cancer? ?

CA 125

What's the name of the right angle scissors used to dissect the cervix during a hysterectomy?


What does an en bloc removal of: uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, ligaments, vagina, & nodes

Radical Hysterectomy

Which self-retaining retractor has the shape of a figure eight when in the closed position?

O'sullivan O'connor

For which procedure would the gynecologist likely wear surgical loupes

Tubal re-anastomosis

What's the color of abnormal tissue post staining w/ acetic acid solution in a cervical biopsy?


What med may be injected in the uterus for hemostasis, before closure of the uterus (c-section)


Which procedure would the surgeon likely request 8-0 or 9-0 suture?


Which muscle is incise in transverse abdominal approaches for gynecologist procedures?

Anterior rectus

Which of the following is a weighted vaginal speculum?


Which instrument is used to grasp the cervix and provide traction during cervical dilation? ?

Single tooth teneculum

What is the preferred method of anesthesia for a c-section delivery?


What is the Veress needle used for?

Laparoscopic insufflation

Which of the following types of stirrups would be used for a LAVH

Allen low lithotomy

The term adnexa which gynecologic anatomical structures?

Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and infundibulum

Which procedure would the CST want to have adequate numbers of Allis clamps

A & P repair

Which procedure removes the vagina/female reproductive organs & inserts a colostomy & ileostomy


Radionuclide seeds are used to treat

Uterine/cervical carcinoma

Endometrial ablation is used to treat


Which of the following structures is NOT part of the anatomy of the vulva


Which anatomical area is located between the inferior vaginal opening and the anus?


Bulb syringes are used in obstetrical delivery procedures to

Suction mouth and nares of the neonate

What is the name of a bivalve speculum frequently found in a vaginal procedure tray?


What is the MOST common surgical intervention for a vaginal delivery


What is the name of the anatomical area where fallopian tubes are attached and enter the uterus


Cervical cerclage is performed to

Prevent spontaneous abortion

What instrument should the ST have ready to provide exposure during a c section

De Lee Bladder Blade

What's the term for the treatment method that destroys genital condylomata w/ a CO2 laser


What's the name of the finger-like projections at the terminal end of the fallopian tube?


Which instrument is used to test the patency of the fallopian tube during tuboplasty?

Lacrimal probes

Which procedure is used to visualize the endometrium and may treat polyps/myomas?


What's the procedure for the removal of uteral fibroid tumors with preservation of fertility?


Which procedure may be a Class III or IV, and may require aerobic and anaerobic culture tubes?

Marsupialization of Bartholin's cyst