Skills Latin America Review Flashcards

What are the four land areas that make up Latin America?

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America

What two European countries colonized most of Latin America?

Spain and Portugal

What is the language most commonly spoken in modern Latin America?


What two oceans surround Latin America?

the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

What physical feature caused by the movement of tectonic plates is
common in Mexico and Central America?


Where do most of the islands in the Caribbean come from?

volcanoes and coral reefs

According to the CIA World Factbook, how many countries does the US
recognize in the Caribbean?


What is the longest mountain range in the world?

the Andes Mountains

By volume, what is the largest river in the world?

the Amazon River

What mountain range is located on along the western edge of South America?

the Andes Mountains

Where is the source of the Amazon River?

the Andes Mountains in Peru

What is the world�s largest rodent (found in South America)?

the capibara

What is the world�s largest snake (found in South America)?

the anaconda

What human feature were the Maya known for building?

stone pyramids

Where did the Maya people live?

in the jungle areas of Mexico and Central America

What was the 365-day Mayan calendar based on?

the sun

What do we call the picture-like writing symbols used by the Maya?

Hieroglyphs or glyphs

What type of agriculture were the Maya know for using?

slash and burn

What modern country did the Aztec Civilization once flourish in?


What was the capital of the Aztec Empire?


What European country conquered the Aztec Empire?


What kind of food did the Aztecs grow?

maize (corn), chilies, beans, squash, tomatoes, avocados

What mountains did the Inca Empire exist in?

Andes Mountains

What name did the Inca use for their head of state (king)?

Sapa Inca

Who did all Inca�s work for?

the Sapa Inca

How did Inca�s pay taxes?

with labor

What did Inca�s do to their rope bridges if enemies chased them?

burned it down

Who was the Spanish conquistador that led the defeat of the Aztecs?

Hernan Cortes

Who was the Aztec Emperor imprisoned and eventually conquered by the Spanish?

Montezuma II

What European disease killed many native people of the Americas?


What did the Spanish call the territory of Mexico?

New Spain

What is the modern capital of Mexico?

Mexico City

What animals did the Spanish bring to the Americas?

horses, cattle, sheep, pigs

What new religion did the Spanish bring to Mexico (and all of their colonies)?

Christianity / Catholicism

What was the name of the system in New Spain that allowed Spanish men
to oversee Native American villages and force villagers to pay tribute
in the form of goods, money or labor?

Encomienda System

What was the name of the priest who was executed for trying to help
Native Americans of Mexico gain back their independence from Spain?

Father Hidalgo

What large U.S. state used to be a part of Mexico?


What war did the United States fight with Mexico in 1846?

The Mexican War

What bittersweet savory food did the Aztecs introduce the Spanish to?


On what holiday do the people Mexico celebrate their resilience,
freedom and the idea of democracy?

Cinco de Mayo