Diversity For Teacher's ch 11 Flashcards

a pedagogy that affirms the culture of students,
views the cultures and experiences of students as strengths, and
reflects the student's cultures in the teaching process

Culturally responsive teaching

consists of the unstated norms, values, and beliefs about the social
relations of professionals

Hidden Curriculum

Values, attitudes and commitments that guide the work guide the work
of teachers and other schools professionals


Educational concepts that addresses cultural diversity and inequality
in schools. It incorporates the different cultural groups to which
individuals belong with an emphasis on the interaction of race,
ethnicity class and gender in student's lives

Multicultural curriculum

Principles, rules, standards, values or norms that guide a western
European education.


an effort to see an issue clearly and accuratly in order to judge it
fairly without a preset bias

Critical thinking

students projects that address equality, democratic and social
justice issues in the community

Meaningful projects

strategy for grouping students to work together on a project or
activity to support and learn from each other.

Cooperative learning