T-6 Contact Flight Equations and Rules of Thumb Flashcards

Turn lead points

45 degrees of bank or more - 10 degree lead point
less than 45 degrees of bank - 5 degree lead point

Level off rule

10% VSI

Airfield Distance Calculations:
DME Method

Half DME + Key(MSL)

Airfield Distance Calculations
Altitude Method

1) Determine max glide distance (AGL altitude multiplied by 2)
2) Subtract 3,000 feet (high key) or 1,500 feet (low key). This is
the required altitude to achieve desired key on profile
3) Divide by 1,000 to determine fields within gliding distance (GPS
NRST function)

Which bank angle should you use?

1) greater than 30 degree heading changes, use 30 degrees
2) less than 30 degrees of heading changes, use the bank angle same
as the difference between headings

Altitude loss for 360 degree turns:
30 degree bank -
45 degree bank-
60 degree bank-

Altitude loss for 360 degree turns:
30 degree bank - 2,000 feet
45 degree bank- 1,500 feet
60 degree bank- 1,000 feet

A clean glide at 125 KIAS gives you a _______ glide ratio, and a VSI of__________.

2:1, 1,350-1,500 fpm