Science chapter 12 Flashcards

What is a zygote cell called after it divides for the first time?


What is a type of mammal that develops fully inside the mother's body?

placental mammal

what is a type of mammal whose young finishes developing in a pouch
outside the mother's body?


what is the period of time during which a mammal develops inside its
mother's body called?


what is the process of reproducing from only one parent called?

asexual reproduction

what is the process of reproducing from two parent called?

sexual reproduction

What are some things that eggs provide for the developing animal

protection, nutrients, food, and waste removal

Where do fish and amphibians lay their eggs?

in the water

Where do reptiles and birds lay their eggs?

on land

what occurs when part of an organism containing a piece of its'
center is broken off and can regrow a whole organisms?


what occurs when an organism duplicates its nucleus and splits in
half to become two separate organisms?

binary fission

what occurs when part of a plan that is usually not involved in
reproduction can develop into a new plant

vegetative reproduction

what occurs when a new individual develops on a parent organism and
grows there until it can survive on its own


occurs when an organism breaks into tiny pieces that can grow into
new organisms


plants that produce seeds in a fruit


the male part of a flower


top of stamen where pollen is produced


female part of flower


bottom part of the pistil that contains the ovules


sticky part of pistil


fertilized egg


part of a flowering plant that contains the seeds


special seed leaves that contain stored food


What is the first step in pollination?

pollen is transferred from anther to stigma

what do we call when pollen from a flower gets on the stigma of a
different plant


what occurs when pollen from a plant gets on the stigma of the same plant


the zygote develops into this, a tiny new plant


part of the plant that contains seeds


seeds can not this term, or spout, without the right conditions of
water, oxygen and temperature


What are the 3 parts of a seed?

embryo, seed coat, stored food (cotyledons)

outer layer of the seed that protects it

seed coat

what is much smaller than seeds and have only one cell


structures that hold spores

fruiting bodies