Unit #7- A New Nation Flashcards


colonists who remained loyal to the king


administering its own government and not dependent on another power

Articles of Confederation

our fist plan of government


an alliance; a group of independent organizations that work together

Government by Consent

people have to agree to be governed


a government not led by a hereditary rule, but where people hold the
power of government and choose leaders to make decisions


the highest law of our land and the document that describes how our
government is organized


an agreement where each side gives up a little


one of the two parts of Congress and each state is allowed two members

House of Representatives

one of the two parts of Congress and the number is determined by the
population of a state


the ending of a system or practice


power is divided between the federal government and state governments


to approve


people who supported the Constitution and favored a stronger national government


people who opposed the Constitution because they felt it created a
national government that was too strong

Bill of Rights

the first ten amendments, or additions, to the Constitution which
gave people important rights such as freedom of speech


to provide shelter and supplies to soldiers

Popular Sovereignty

the power and authority of the government comes from the people

Public Issue

a problem that affects many, many people

Definitional Issue

words related to a public issue that have different definitions, or meanings

Factual Issue

facts that are connected to a public issue

Core Democratic Values

ideals and beliefs that people in America have in common and upon
which our country is based