Chapter 8 Vocab Flashcards

Butterfly System

Also called a winged infusion system or scalp needle set; can be used
for different venipunctures due to small or fragile veins. The needle
is typically smaller and has a thin tubing with a Leur adapter at the end.

Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)

A nonprofit organization that recommends quality standards and
guidelines for clinical laboratory procedures.


Use physical or chemical means to remove or destroy blood borne
pathogens on a surface (including skin) or item so that pathogens are
no longer able to transmit disease.

Evacuated Tube System

Method of blood collection using double-sided needles whereby the
needle is attached to a holder/ adapter and allows for multiple tube
fills and changes without blood leakage.

Hand Hygiene

Term that applies to handwashing, antiseptic handwashing, antiseptic
hand rub, or surgical hand antiseptics.

Physician- Patient Relationship

The association between the patient and the physician providing
clinical and consultative services; communication between them is
private and confidential.

Specimen Rejection

Relates to the suitability of a specimen for testing or when it may
not be used for laboratory testing.


An emergency situation that requires immediate action.

Syringe Method

Method whereby a syringe is used to collect blood, which is then
placed in a transfer device for safely moving the blood from the
syringe into collection tubes.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Testing procedures to evaluate drug levels in a patient's blood.

Timed Specimen

A test is ordered to be drawn at a particular time.


A sort of flexible strip, preferably latex free, that is used
temporarily on the arm to help find a site for venipuncture.

Winged Infusion System

Also called a butterfly set or scalp needle set, the system can be
used for difficult venipunctures due to small or fragile veins.