Chapter 5 Integumary System Flashcards

Cutaenous membrane=


Epidermis is the

superficial layer of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium

Epidermal Layers

stratum corneum, stratum, lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum
spinosum, stratum basale.

Stratum Corenum(horny)

25-30 layers of flat, dead cells, completely filled with keratin

Stratum Lucidum (clear)

flat dead cells found only on palms and soles

Stratum Granulosum

layers that contain darkly staining granules

Thin skin=

hairy skin

Stratum Spinosum (thorny)

layers of polyhedral cells that fit closely together & appear to
be covered with prickly spines

Stratum Basale(base)

single layer of cuboidal to columnar shaped cells which divide by
mitosis, produced keratinocytes which push up to the upper layers of
the pidermis

Stratum Basale is AKA

Stratum Germinativum


comprised of connective tissue containing collage and elastic fibers

Cells in the dermis

fibroblasts, macrophages, adipocytes


produce connective tissue in matrix


phagocytic white blood cells


fat cells that contain triglyceride

Most common type of skin cancer is

basal cell carcinoma

most deadly type of skin cancer

malignant melanoma

Meissners corpuscles of touch

nerve endings sensitive to touch

Pacinian Corpuscles

sensitive to pressure

Dermal Papillae

small, nipple shaped structures project into the undersurface of the papillae

Subcuteanous layer is called