sikhism 11 Flashcards

the sant tradition

they shared a common cause in emphasizing devotion to the beloved
above all else

guru nanak was

half muslim half hindu

fourth gurus

ram das founded the holy city of amritsar

the five beloved became

models for sikhs






pure ones

five ks

a veil, combs, steel bracelet , short underbreeches , a sword

neither age nor caste nor gender is though to have any relevance

in Sikh spirituality

sat means


shabad means

the holy word of god

Sikhism does not claim to have

the otnly path to god

Sikh soilder saints are pledged to protect

the freedom of all religions

the one who is khalsa renounces

anger and does not critizes nobody

five evils

lust anger greed attatchment and ego


the communal meal which is freely offered to all who come regardless
of caste


building where the guru sahib is enshrine and public worship takes place

sangat is

public congregation