13 Traits Chipotle Flashcards


great employees complete tasks without being asked or overseen. They
tend to take personal responsibility for finishing the job right


employees have too much pride to simply bow to authority, yet respect
their superiors


employees take the opportunity to interact and co exist with fellow
coworkers and customers with open arms

High Energy

employees use self motivation to their advantage, bringing their best
game on impact

Infectiously Enthusiastic

employees are optimists, feverishly sifting for the good in a
situation, and dont hang themselves over things they cant control


taking responsibility for your happiness is essential. Your view of
the world can make the most dreadful situation a little more
reasonable to manage


looking nice is a necessity, looking like a slob speaks volumes on
your character. No matter what your situation is, looking presentable
makes a difference


Using your intelligence to the highest capacity is essential


common courtesy can take you very far, especially in a work environment


committing to excel at your job, regardless of the task


employees love the opportunity to grow which for a job means tackling
different responsibilites


understanding of unfamiliar concepts, people and generally things
behind their surface characteristics


doing the right thing when no is watching helps you to do the same in
a room full of people waiting to see you slip up.