Micro-Diseases caused by virus Flashcards


AKA Epstein-Barr Virus Causes: Burkitt's
lymphoma Nasopharyngeal cancer Chronic fatigue
syndrome Mononucleosis

Burkitt's lymphoma

Productive: lytic infection whuch leads to
B-cell death Non-productive:
persistent B-cell becomes abnormal Burkitt's

Nasopharyngeal cancer

EBV Non-productive Persistent
Abnormal B-cells Burkitt's lymphoma
Nasopharyngeal cancer

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Result of HHSV-4 or EBV Symptoms: Muscle
fatigue Memory loss Swollen lymph nodes
Body has EBV antibodies


Result of HHSV-4 Can become chronic fatigue
Incubation: 30-60
days Symptoms: Fever, sore throat with pus, muscle
fatigue, enlarged spleen (CAN rupture and result in death), swollen
lymph nodes


Caused by Plasmodium vivax Spread through mosquitos
(definitive host). Humans are the intermediate hosts of the
virus Symptoms: Due to paroxyms Cold face (cold
phase) Hot phase Wet phase
Fever: 39/40 degrees, head/muscle aches, vomiting
enlarged liver and spleen

Cycle of malaria

Mosquito carries Plasmodium vivax and it is transferred through
SALIVA Saliva enters (sporozoids) (300-500) Travel
to the liver in about 30 minutes Multiply in liver
cells Results in 30,000 merozoites in blood
Affects RBCs. Makes more merozoites and creates ring like
structures. Merozoites can form into male and
female gametes which then unite in definitive host mosquitos
Treatment: Quinine