Eachtra a Tharla ar Scoil

Eachtra a Tharla ar Scoil

An incident that happened in school

Tr� bliana � shin a tharla s�

It happened three years ago

Is maith is cuimhin liom an l� sin

I remember that day well

Bh� an sp�ir l�n le scamall m�ra dubha

The sky was filled with big black clouds

L� fuar gheimhridh a bh� ann

It was a cold winter's day

L�im m� as an leaba agus rith m� s�os staighre

I jumped out of bed and I ran down stairs

D'ith m� mo bhricfeasta agus d'fh�g m� an teach

I ate my breakfast and left the house

Bh� m� bre� s�sta liom f�in agus leis an saol

I was happy with myself and with life

Bhuail m� le mo chairde ar scoil

I met with my friends at school

Bh�omar ag caint is ag comhr� le ch�ile

We were chatting

Ansin, chualamar an clog ag bualadh

Then, we heard the bell ring

Ar aghaidh linn go dt� an rang B�arla

Off we went to the English class

Bh�omar in�r su� ag �r mbord

We were sitting at the table

Ag fanacht leis an m�inteoir B�arla

Waiting for the English teacher

Ach bh� s� d�anach

But she was late

Ansin, thosa�omar ag pleidhc�ocht

Then, we started messing

Chaith m� leabhar mo chara trasna an tseomra

I threw my friend's book across the room

Ach chuaigh s� i dtreo na fuinneoige

But it went towards the window

Bhris an fhuinneog ina smidir�n�.

The window broke into pieces

Baineadh geit uaf�sach asam

I got a fright

Ar luas lasrach, l�im m� � mo chathaoir

At high speed, I jumped out of my chair

Rug m� ar an scuab

I grabbed the brush

Ansin d'fh�ach m� suas

Then I looked up

Chonaic m� an pr�omhoide ina sheasamh ag an doras

I saw the principal standing at the door

Bh� a fhios agam go raibh m� i dtriobl�id

I knew that I was in trouble

Scread an pr�omhoide in ard a chinn is a ghutha

The principal screamed very loudly

D�irt s� liom dul chuig oifig an phr�omhoide

He told me to go to the principal's office

Shi�il m� ann go tapa

I walked there quickly

Ghlaoigh an pr�omhoide ar mo thuismitheoir�

The principal called my parents

Bh� n�ire orm

I was embarrassed

Thug an pr�omhoide coinne�il istigh dom

The principal gave me detention

D'�oc m� as an bhfuinneog freisin

I paid for the window too

Nuair a chuaigh m� abhaile an l� sin n� raibh mo thuismitheoir� s�sta liom

When I went home my that day, my parents weren't happy with me

Mar ph�on�is th�g siad m'fh�n p�ca uaim ar feadh seachtaine

As a punishment they took my phone off me for a week

D'fhoghlaim m� ceacht luachmhar an l� sin

I learned a valuable lesson that day

N� dh�anfaidh m� dearmad go deo ar an l� sin

I will never forget that day until the day that I die