aircrew egress systems vol. 1

who does the airforce hold accountable and responsible for mission results?

wing commanders

what level of organization is responsible for maintaining the installation?


what is the next level below a wing?


who is responsible for ensuring the egress section safes all static display aircraft according to 00-80 series and weapons systems technical order?

Maintenance group commander

What section with in maintenance ops coordinates egress familiarization training for flightline personel within the egress shop?

Maintenance training

which squadron services, inspects, Maintains, launches, and recovers assigned and transient aircraft?

Aircraft maintenance squadron

which group would contain an air control squadron?

Operations group

What QA program is a dynamic inspection system designed to improve aircraft combat capability through high quality maintenance and effective training?

Maintenance standardization and evaluation program

What type of quality assurance evaluation is an over the shoulder evaluation of a person or teams ability to perform duty related tasks during performance of the task?

Personnel evaluation

What was program enhances reliability and maintainability of parts, components, and equipment?

Product improvement program

To check the applicability or a time compliance technical order(tcto) ,the QA tech order distribution office coordinates with...

The applicable subject matter expert

Which flight does not belong to a maintenance squadron?

Aircrew flight equipment AFE

Within MXS, who is responsible for managing shift man power to equitably distribute all levels of supervision based on Manning and workload to supervise all duty periods?

Flight Cheif

Which flight with in MXS includes the aircraft inspection section?


Egress finals are conducted every

30 days

The maintenance group commander may grant an egress production inspector waiver to a highly qualified egress...

Journeyman in the rank or SrA or higher

Who is allowed to sign off an egress specific red x such as an egress final inspection?

Any certified egress systems 7 or 9 level inspector