Literature 2021

In Cat's Cradle, the parents of the main character call him this name.


In Cat's Cradle, the narrator collects material for a book with this name.

The Day the World Ended

The narrator of Cat's Cradle originally professed this religion.


When Cat's Cradle opens, Jonah professes this religion.


Bokononism is associated with this island.

the Republic of San Lorenzo

Bokononists believe this type of team does God's Will.


This word means 'tendrils of life' in Bokononism.


The Books of Bokonon opens by making this statement about the true things it contains.

that they are shameless lies

The Day the World Ended explores this subject.

atomic bombs

The Day the World Ended focuses on this date.

August 6, 1945

Hoenikker helped to create this weapon.

atomic bomb

The Hoenikker family lives in this town,

Ilium, New York

Newt Hoenikker liked to play with this type of toy as a child.

truck (toy truck)

Hoenikker receives a book claiming that the world will end in this year.


Hoenikker saves this item from a manuscript that was sent to him.

a piece of string

Hoenikker makes this figure with a piece of string on the day the bomb falls.

Cat's Cradle

Newt Hoenikker says he frequently dreams about this terrifying sight.

his father's face

On the morning the bomb drops, Frank Hoenikker is making these creatures fight.


Angela Hoenikker acts as this relation to Newt and Frank Hoenikker.


Felix Hoenikker briefly becomes interested in this type of animal instead of the atomic bomb.


Angela Hoenikker's only hobby is playing this musical instrument.


This man asks, "What is sin?" after the atom bomb test

Felix Hoenikker

Newt Hoenikker calls himself by this size- related word.


This dancer is briefly Newt Hoenikker's girlfriend.


This man was Dr. Hoenikker's supervisor.

Dr. Asa Breed

Dr. Asa Breed compares Dr. Hoenikker to these three natural phenomena.

volcanoes, tides, and animal migrations

Frank Hoenikker's classmates used to call him by this nickname.

Secret Agent X-9

In his commencement speech, Dr. Breed says more people should study this subject.


In his commencement speech, Dr. Breed says people should be scientific, not this s-word.


The old Del Prado bartender serves a "bum" a drink by this name on the day the bomb drops.

End of the World Delight

In Ilium, Sandra tells The narrator of Cat's Cradle that these two people were in love.

Dr. Breed and Felix Hoenikker's wife

Dr. Breed describes Ilium as this sort of town.

a family town

Dr. Breed says that Ilium used to be a starting place for people engaged in this endeavor.

migrating West

Felix Hoenikker's wife puts these items in his car every morning.

fresh flowers

Felix Hoenikker's wife has this name.


Emily Hoenikker death is precipitated by this accident.

car crash

Cat's Cradle opens during this holiday season.


Dr. Nilsak Horvath specializes in this type of science.

chemistry (surface chemistry)

This man calls himself the "chieftest housekeeper" at the Research Laboratory.

Dr. Breed

This woman is "twenty, vacantly pretty, and healthy-a dull normal".

Miss Francine Pefko

Miss Pefko believes that scientists perform this action too much.


Dr. Breed's badge bears this two-word adjective.

top secret

Dr. Breed calls this word "brackish" and "medieval".


The Christmas banners in Dr. Breed's office display these two phrases.

Peace on Earth" and "Good Will Toward Men

This woman is described as "merry" and "desiccated".

Miss Naomi Faust

The Laboratory's tvning bureau goes by this

Girl Pool

Dr. Breed gets this present for the Girl Pool at Christmas.

chocolate bars

Dr. Breed uses this three-word phrase to refer to most researchers.

industrial hack technicians

Dr. Breed says that his researchers work toward this goal.

increasing knowledge

A Marine general wanted Dr. Hoenikker to solve this problem.


Dr. Breed describes Dr. Hoenikker's thought process with this child-like adjective.


Dr. Breed tells The narrator of Cat's Cradle about a factory that encounters a problem with this molecule.

ethylene diamine tartrate

The Girl Pool sings this song during their caroling.

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Dr. Breed explains this material as a possible solution to the problem of mud.


This substance is Dr. Hoenikker's last gift for mankind.


Ice-nine is this hyphenated color.


Ice-nine melts at this temperature.

114.4 degrees F

This Bokononist concept is the "pivot" of a karass.


A wampeter is to a karass as a hub is to this


A karass has this number of wampeters.


The narrator of Cat's Cradle says that his karass revolves around this concern.

what becomes of the ice-nine

Miss Faust says that this man was not "knowable".

Dr. Hoenikker

Miss Faust does not think pursuit of this concept can be enough for a person.


Miss Faust claims that this statement is absolutely true.

God is love.

Dr. Felix Hoenikker's laboratory is commemorated with these two signs.

a purple rope and brass plate

Dr. Hoenikker's laboratory is cluttered with these childish items.

cheap toys

Dr. Hoenikker kept a photograph of this building on his desk.

a war memorial

Dr. Hoenikker finds this aspect of a war memorial photograph intriguing.

the way the cannonballs are stacked

This man operates elevator five in the Research Laboratory.

Lyman Enders Knowles

Lyman Enders Knowles performs these two actions when he makes a point.

says "yes, yes" and grabs his behind

Lyman Enders Knowles greets The narrator of Cat's Cradle and Miss Faust with this phrase.

fellow anthropoids and lily pads and paddlewheels

Lyman Enders Knowles made this assertion when Dr. Hoenikker died.

Dr. Hoenikker-he ain't dead.

Lyman Enders Knowles says that the Hoenikker children were full of this rhyming disease.


According to Lyman Enders Knowles, "research" means this two-word phrase.

look again

The narrator of Cat's Cradle first sees this word inscribed on Mrs. Hoenikker's grave marker.


This woman wrote a poem engraved on Mrs. Hoenikker's grave marker.

Angela Hoenikker

This man wrote a poem engraved on Mrs. Hoenikker's grave marker.

Franklin Hoenikker

This child's handprint appears on Mrs. Hoenikker's grave marker.

Newt's (baby Newt's)

Dr. Hoenikker's grave is marked with this statue.

a marble cube

Dr. Hoenikker's grave marker has these dimensions.

forty centimeters on each side

Dr. Hoenikker's grave marker bears this word.


The narrator of Cat's Cradle quotes Bokonon as saying that peculiar travel suggestions act as this kind of message from God.

dancing lessons

The narrator of Cat's Cradle visits this tombstone shop.

Avram Breed and Sons

This type of foliage hangs over a stone angel in the tombstone shop.


Marvin Breed is this relation to Dr. Asa Breed.


This man is the proprietor of the tombstone shop.

Marvin Breed

Dr. Hoenikker's Nobel Prize money bought these two items.

cottage on Cape Cod and a grave monument

The narrator of Cat's Cradle says the Nobel Prize awards this kind of money.

dynamite money

When Bokononists think about life's complexity, they whisper this three-word phrase.

busy, busy, busy

As a Christian, The narrator of Cat's Cradle makes this comment about life's coincidences.

Life is sure funny sometimes.

Emily Hoenikker co-chaired this high school committee.

Class Colors Committee

Emily Hoenikker's father owned this store.

Ilium Music Store

Emily Hoenikker was talented in this artistic area.


Marvin Breed gave up this sport for Emily Hoenikker.


Asa Breed attended this college.


Marvin Breed wonders if too many people in high places are in this condition.

stone-cold dead

To Bokononists, this word means "a sudden, very personal shove in the direction of Bokononism".


Emily Hoenikker said that Dr. Hoenikker's mind was tuned to this type of music.

music of the stars

Frank Hoenikker worked in this type of shop.

hobby shop

Jack's Hobby Shop was a front for this type of criminal organization.

a car-theft ring

Angela Hoenikker played this instrument.


Angela Hoenikker did this activity in high school.

marching band

The cab driver wants to buy a statue of this celestial being at the tombstone shop.

an angel

Asa Breed's son is talented at this artisan craft.

stone cutting

Asa Breed's son has this occupation.


This unnamed man commissioned the stone angel in the tombstone shop.

a German immigrant

The narrator of Cat's Cradle and the angel sculpture's unknown commissioner share this feature.

last name

Frank Hoenikker has this talent.

building models

Frank Hoenikker spent all his money on this hobby.

model railroads

This man occupies The narrator of Cat's Cradle's apartment while he is on his trip.

Sherman Krebbs

Sherman Krebbs has this occupation.


herman Krebbs writes a poem on The narrator of Cat's Cradle's floor in this substance.


To Bokononists, this word means "a person who steers people away from the line of speculation".


This message written in lipstick defaces the wall above The narrator of Cat's Cradle's bed when he returns from his trip.

No, no, no said Chicken- licken.

The narrator of Cat's Cradle says that Krebbs's mission was to disenchant him from this philosophy.


The narrator of Cat's Cradle learns from the newspaper that this man is alive.

Franklin Hoenikker

An advertisement for this nation features Mona Aamons Monzano.

the Republic of San Lorenzo

This man is the dictator of the Republic of San Lorenzo.

Miguel "Papa" Monzano

This man is San Lorenzo's Minister of Science and Progress.

Franklin Hoenikker

The narrator of Cat's Cradle describes Franklin Hoenikker as having a face like this animal.


This city is the capital of San Lorenzo.


San Lorenzo is the capital of this kind of fish.


While stranded at sea, Frank Hoenikker believes the mountain he sees might be this type of mirage.

Fata Morgana

Frank Hoenikker carried this item to San Lorenzo in a thermos.


The narrator of Cat's Cradle is assigned to write a story about San Lorenzo inhabitant.

Julian Castle

Julian Castle made his fortune with this good.


The San Lorenzo hotel where The narrator of Cat's Cradle plans to stav has this name.

Casa Mona

These two people sit near The narrator of Cat's Cradle on his flight to San Lorenzo.

the American ambassador and his wife (the Mintons)

A karass composed of only two people has this name.


In an airplane saloon, The narrator of Cat's Cradle meets these proud Americans.

H. Lowe and Hazel Crosby

H. Lowe Crosby owns this type of factory.


H. Lowe Crosby believes that the people in San Lorenzo are poor enough to have this quality.

common sense

Mrs. Crosby is very proud to be from this state.


Hazel Crosby asks The narrator of Cat's Cradle to call her by this name.


The narrator of Cat's Cradle gives Mrs. Crosby's obsession with Hoosiers as an example of a false kind of this group.


This Bokononist name refers to a false karass.


H. Lowe Crosby believes that men are put on Earth to perform this task.

building bicycles for him

Breaking any law in San Lorenzo earns this punishment.

the hook

Crosby suggests this solution for juvenile delinquency.

public hanging

The Crosbys believe that Mr. Minton was soft toward these types of people.


Mr. Minton says that he was fired from the State Department for this personal quality.


This document led to Mr. Minton's firing.

a letter from his wife to the Times

Claire Minton's letter point out this fact about traveling Americans.

not everyone likes them

The manuscript that Minton and his wife are reading is about this topic.

San Lorenzo

Minton and his wife are reading a book by this title.

San Lorenzo: The Land, the History, the People

This man wrote San Lorenzo: The Land, the History, the People.

Philip Castle

This man is outlawed in San Lorenzo.


In a manuscript copy of San Lorenzo, The narrator of Cat's Cradle encounters a Bokonon quote that states this man has no idea what's really going on.


Bokonon uses this two-word term to refer to his theory of equilibrium between good and evil.

Dynamic Tension

The phrase "dynamic tension" is associated with this mail-order strongman.

Charles Atlas

Bokonon believed that good societies required a constant tension between these two forces.

good and evil

A Bokononist poem goes by this name.


Bokonon was born on this island.


Bokonon was given this name at birth.

Lionel Boyd Johnson

Bokonon's family wealth derives from this source.

discovered pirate treasure

Lionel Boyd Johnson enrolled in this school.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Lionel Boyd Johnson fought World War I in this type of force.


Lionel Boyd Johnson ends up stranded in these Islands.

Cape Verde Islands

Lionel Boyd Johnson works for a time in this state.

Rhode Island

Lionel Boyd Johnson accompanies the Rumfoord heir on this type of voyage.

around-the-world sailing trip

Lionel Boyd Johnson protested British rule in this country.


Lionel Boyd Johnson shipwrecks on San Lorenzo after agreeing to transport this man to Miami.

Earl McCabe

Lionel Boyd Johnson sees his San Lorenzo shipwreck as this sort of religiously inflected rite of passage.


The narrator of Cat's Cradle says that he may understand the San Lorenzo dialect through this means.


This man boards the San-Lorenzo-bound plane at Puerto Rico.

Newt Hoenikker

The narrator of Cat's Cradle says that Newt Hoenikker is as nicely scaled as this literary figure.

Gulliver among the Brobdingnagians

When they board the airplane to San Lorenzo, Newt Hoenikker and his sister are transporting this substance.


Angela Hoenikker describes her father with this beatific word.


Frank Hoenikker is engaged to marry this woman.

Mona Aamons Monzano

On the Christmas Eve that Dr. Hoenikker dies, his children divide up this possession.

his ice-nine

The narrator of Cat's Cradle is surprised to learn that Angela Hoenikker's husband has this personal quality.


Mona Aamons Monzano's father had this occupation.


This San Lorenzo index listing about Mona Monzano is the longest.

poems about

Claire Minton supported her husband through college working in this occupation.

book indexing

Claire Minton claims that she can gather this information about an author through his index.

his character

Minton claims that Frank Hoenikker will never marry Mona for this reason.

his homosexuality

When Johnson and McCabe washed up on San Lorenzo, ownership of the island was divided between these two entities.

the Catholic Church and Castle Sugar, Inc

Castle writes that the original government of San Lorenzo was either of these two forms.

anarchy or feudalism

This man ordered the building of the San Lorenzo Cathedral and the island's fortifications.


McCabe and Johnson wanted to make San Lorenzo this kind of perfect place.


Crosby drunkenly discusses his thoughts about this sort of man.


Crosby is delighted to find that he, Newt, and The narrator of Cat's Cradle share this connection.

Cornell education

The island of San Lorenzo has this shape.


This unit is San Lorenzo's currency.


The wanted poster for Bokonon states this occupation as his principal avocation.

being alive

Bokononists mingle their souls by performing this action.

pressing the soles of their feet together

The travelers to San Lorenzo step off the plane to a crowd gathered to greet these three people.

Mona, Frank Hoenikker, and "Papa" Monzano

An image of this snake adorns the fuselage of San Lorenzo's U.S-donated fighter planes.

boa constrictor

The San Lorenzo national anthem is sung to this tune.

Home on the Range

The narrator of Cat's Cradle says that many members of his karass are these people.

old men

Mona is this old.


Mona plays this song on the xylophone at the airport.

When Day is Done

Papa" assures Minton that there are no people of this political affiliation on San Lorenzo.


This national holiday is San Lorenzo's most important.

the Day of the Hundred Martyrs to Democracy

Papa" says that this field of knowledge is the strongest thing there is.


Papa" says that this person will be his successor as President of San Lorenzo.

Franklin Hoenikker

Mona is performing this action as her adopted father collapses.

kneading the instep of a pilot's boot

The Hundred Martyrs to Democracy are sunk in the harbor outside this city.


At Casa Mona, The narrator of Cat's Cradle envies a man who is working on this piece of artwork.

a mosaic of Mona

The mosaicist claims that he is creating his representation of Mona from this nonsensical source.

or what

The mosaicist at the Casa Mona is this man.

Philip Castle

Bokonon found that he could not change a word of this Christian religious text.

the 23rd Psalm

H. Lowe Crosby checks out of Casa Mona when he learns that this man owns it.

Philip Castle

To Bokononists, this word refers to the ritual of mingling awarenesses.


Philip Castle describes witnessing the ravages of this medieval disease.

Bubonic Plague

Newt paints this ancient game on the balcony of Frank Hoenikker's house.

Cat's Cradle

Newt says that children grow up crazy because Cat's Cradlle io juota bumeh of these


The narrator of Cat's Cradle says that Julian Castle talks like this cinematic character.

a movie gangster

Julian Castle is a follower of this man.

Albert Schweitzer

This man says that "man make nothing work making, knows nothing worth knowing".

Julian Castle

Julian Castle throws this object over the terrace of Frank Hoenikker's house.

Newt's painting

Julian Castle says that he requires these two things to run his hospital.

aspirin and boko-maru

Julian Castle says that Bokonon created his religion out of these mendacious utterances.


Julian Castle quotes a poem that says religion is a form of this crime.


Julian Castle explains that Bokononism caused the people of San Lorenzo to be figuratively employed in this way.

as actors in a play

Julian Caste says that McCabe never made a really serious effort to catch this criminal.


Newt advises Angela to get this item when she becomes upset.

her clarinet

At Frank Hoenikker's house, Angela plays along to a record by this man.

Meade Lux Lewis

This man tells The narrator of Cat's Cradle to pretend he understands life.

Julian Castle

This Bokononist word means fate or inevitable destiny.


Papa" is dying of this disease.


Corporal McCabe died in this manner.

shooting himself

Papa's doctor was originally a physician in this place.


San Lorenzo's military training camp has this name.

Fort Jesus

The Hoenikker children say that their father's twin manufactures these items.

music boxes

The Hoenikker children say that their father's sister raises these animals.

giant schnauzers

This Bokononist word means "lies".


The Bokononist beings Borasisi and Pabu correspond to these celestial bodies.

sun and moon

When the power comes back on at Frank Hoenikker's house in the middle of the night, Angela and Newt seize these items.

Thermos jugs

The cave in Frank Hoenikker's house is decorated with primitive paintings of this subject.

Mona as a child

Frank Hoenikker offers The narrator of Cat's Cradle this job.

president of San Lorenzo

To Bokononists, this word refers to a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists.


To Bokononists, this word refers to a fogbound child.


To Bokononists, this word means to succumb to destiny.


Franklin Hoenikker says that the next president of San Lorenzo is predicted to marry this woman.


Bokononists greet shy people by assuring them that it is not possible to act in this way.

make a mistake

When he meets her, Mona offers to perform this ritual with The narrator of Cat's Cradle.


To a Bokononist, this word means a man who wants all of someone's love.


Bokononists find only this thing sacred, according to Frank Hoenikker.


At the castle in the jungle, this item is reserved for Bokonon.


The anteroom of "Papa's" suite used to be this type of room.

torture chamber

The narrator of Cat's Cradle is particularly surprised to find the priest attending "Papa" carrying these items.

chicken and butcher knife

This religion has been outlawed on San Lorenzo along with Bokononism.


Papa" has a bed that used to be this type of vessel.


The cylinder that "Papa" wears contains this substance.


Papa" asks that The narrator of Cat's Cradle be sure to "really" perform this action.

kill Bokonon

Papa" asks that Frank Hoenikker teach the people of San Lorenzo this field of knowledge.


On his deathbed, "Papa" confesses this truth about himself.

his Bokononism

Dr. von Koenigswald says that he agrees with this one Bokononist idea.

that all religions are lies

This British author coined the term "Cold War" in a 1945 essay.

George Orwell

These two states were the superpowers of the Cold War.

United States, Soviet Union

This Cold War-era threat endangered the human race.

nuclear weapons

This American journalist's book helped to popularize the term "Cold War.

Walter Lippmann

This American statesman's speech helped to popularize the term"Cold War.

Bernard Baruch

The Cold War arose from the dichotomy between these two ideologies.

capitalism and communism

The Cold War lasted this number of decades.


The rising power of these three countries disrupted the Cold War balance of power.

China, India, Saudi Arabia

A conference of the Allied states occurred in this city in late 1943.

Tehran, Iran

These three leaders met at the 1943 Tehran conference.

Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt

This metaphorical wall divided Europe for decades.

Iron Curtain

Allied leaders held this number of meetings between July and August of 1945.


This conference outlined the spheres of influence that shaped the Iron Curtain.

Yalta Conference

This project involved the first successful atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945.

Manhattan Project

Stalin created an Eastern bloc, despite agreements at a meeting in this city.


This president succeeded Franklin Roosevelt.

Harry Truman

Truman's critics gave this name to his policy of threatening to drop atomic bombs.

nuclear diplomacy

On August 29, 1949, the Soviets successfully tested this weapon

atomic bomb

George Kennan sent this famous message from Moscow in February 1946.

Long Telegram

George Kennan's "Long Telegram" claimed this three-word Soviet concept would prevent реаce.

antagonistic capitalist encirclement

George Kennan was a diplomat in this city in February 1946.


Truman opposed Soviet expansion in these four main regions.

Southeast Asia, Greece, Turkey, Iran

This American strategy sought to oppose Soviet expansion after World War II.


This diplomat in Washington, D.C. wrote to Stalin about American desires for world domination.

Nikolai Novikov

This major speech by Winston Churchill conveyed his thoughts on communism.

Iron Curtain" speech

This policy stated the United States would "support free peoples who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.

Truman Doctrine

This resolution proposed a massive military buildup to deter Soviet aggression.

National Security Council Resolution 68

These two institutions provided economic and military aid to countries under Allied control.

Marshall Plan and NATO

The Soviet Union formed this counter- alliance to NATO.

Warsaw Pact

The Soviet Union created this alternative to the Marshall Plan,


This competition to amass weapons defined the Cold War.

nuclear arms race

This term describes the kind of war the United States and Soviet Union sought to avoid.


These three Allied countries created a state from their German territories.

Great Britain, France, United States

This evidence from the Berlin Airlift shone a positive light on American intervention.

film footage of German children

This construct divided East Germany and West Germany from 1961.

Berlin Wall

This event in 1990 symbolized the ending of the Cold War.

German reunification

After September 1945, this country was split at the 38th parallel.


This geographic division marked the border of North and South Korea.

38th parallel

This premier founded the People's Democratic Republic of Korea.

Kim Il-Sung

This president founded the Republic of Korea.

Syngman Rhee

Syngman Rhee's anticommunist views were similar to those of this American general.

Douglas MacArthur

This communist established the People's Republic of China in 1949.

Mao Zedong

This view held that if one country fell to communism, its surrounding countries would as well.

domino theory

The focus of the Cold War shifted towards this continent after China's revolution.


This term refers to the mutual increase of the stakes of the Cold War.


This percentage of the United Nations force the Korean War were American.


China sent military aid after UN troops reached this river during the Korean War.

Yalu River

This acronym refers to the region that separates the two Koreas.


This conflict was the first large-scale proxy war of the Cold War.

Korean War

This Soviet leader succeeded Stalin after he died on March 5, 1953.

Nikita Khrushchev

In a speech at this event, Khrushchev denounced the actions of Stalin.

Twentieth Communist Party Congress

This senator led a wildly popular movement against communists.

Joseph McCarthy

In the 1940s, this group ousted suspected communists in Hollywood and the WPA.

House Committee on Un- American Activities

This practice barred certain artistes from working in the motion-picture industry.


This term meant a hidden communist presence in the United States.

fifth column

These three Soviet conspiracy affairs intensified the red scare.

Hiss, Fuchs, Rosenberg

This director led the Federal Bureau of Investigations in 1924.

J. Edgar Hoover

This author compared the red scare to the Salem witch trials in his work.

Arthur Miller

The first thermonuclear hydrogen bomb was tested at this location.


This nuclear doctrine eliminated any incentive for a preemptive strike.

mutually assured destruction

This leader staged a revolution in Cuba in 1959.

Fidel Castro

The Soviet Union captured this U-2 pilot in 1960.

Francis Gary Powers

The launch of this Soviet satellite increased American fears about Soviet technology.


The attempted American invasion of Cuba occurred at this location.

Bay of Pigs

This play compared McCarthyism to the Salem witch trials.

The Crucible

The United States and Soviet Union pledged to cease above-ground nuclear testing in this treaty.

Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

These two party officials seized power from Khrushchev in 1964.

Leonid Brezhnev, Alexei Kosygin

China experienced this period of upheaval and mass purges in the 1960s.

Cultural Revolution

The United States strongly supported this Middle Eastern state against Soviet influence.


The Soviet Union supported these three main Arab nations.

Egypt, Syria, Jordan

This president used the domino theory to justify intervention in Southeast Asia.

Lyndon B. Johnson

This attack led to the escalation of American forces in Vietnam.

Gulf of Tonkin

This number of American soldiers fought in Vietnam.

half a million

This force fought alongside the North Vietnamese Army in the Vietnam War.

Viet Cong

This president visited the People's Republic of China in 1972.

Richard Nixon

The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia quashed this reform movement.

Prague Spring

The United States deposed this Chilean Marxist president in 1973.

Salvador Allende

The Soviet military suppressed an uprising in this country in 1956.


The United States removed this Iranian prime minister from office in 1953.

Mohammad Mossadegh

This group pressured Jimmy Carter to change his foreign policy in the late 1970s.

Committee on the Present Danger

This president succeeded Jimmy Carter in 1981.

Ronald Reagan

This invasion led Jimmy Carter to withdraw American athletes from the 1980 Olympics.

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

This 1972 disarmament treaty expanded in 1979.


This 1968 declaration asserted that communist takeovers were irreversible.

Brezhnev doctrine

The arms race and cost of supporting international communism had this economic effect on the Soviet Umon.


This policy of "restructuring" permitted foreign investment in the Soviet Union.


This policy meaning "openness" improved individual and social freedoms in the Soviet Union.


Mikhail Gorbachev supported this treaty to dismantle missiles.

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

This person was the General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1985.

Mikhail Gorbachev

These two world leaders met in a series of summits from 1985 to 1988.

Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan

Mikhail Gorbachev refrained from intervening in uprisings in these four states.

Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, East Germany

Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush met in 1989 after the fall of this structure.

Berlin Wall

This historical period succeeded the Cold War under George Bush.

New World Order

This 1983 NATO exercise brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Able Archer

Accusations of this influence plagued the American civil rights movement.

Communist influence

This FBI surveillance program monitored equal rights advocates.


This senator uncovered COINTELPRO's violations of citizens' privacy.

Frank Church

This organization staged Able Archer.


This character stood for women who experienced brief economic freedom during World War II.

Rosie the Riveter

After World War II, anyone who questioned this American social unit faced severe disapproval.

nuclear family

During the Cold War, this practice was often associated with communism and depravity.

nonmarital sex

This phrase encapsulates Lyndon Johnson's strategy in Vietnam.

win hearts and minds

The Soviet Union presented racist and sexist images in their propaganda to undermine these two American ideals.

freedom and openness

A song by Bokonon says that one should remove this object's skin to study a granfalloon.

toy balloon

Asa Breed and Felix Hoenikker echo this Mary Shelley character.

Victor Frankenstein

This author wrote Cat's Cradle.

Kurt Vonnegut

Cat's Cradle was published a few months after this international incident.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Cat's cradle is a child's game involving this material.


Cat's Cradle criticizes this quality that Vonnegut believed drove the Cold War.


This character's invention causes worldwide destruction in Cat's Cradle.

Felix Hoenikker

Felix Hoenikker uses a cat's cradle to facilitate this type of bond.

parent-child love

Felix Hoenikker's attempt at playing cat's cradle has this effect on Newt.

scaring him

Newt's fear of the cat's cradle foreshadows this motif in Cat's Cradle.


Bokonon coined this term for serious delusions.


Bokonon says this company is a granfalloon.

General Electric

Joseph Heller wrote this 1961 novel in response to the threat of nuclear war.


This director shot the film Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Stanley Kubrick

This genre involves the use of comedy to withstand terrifying emotions.

black humor

Irony and satire can create this therapeutic form of humor.

black humor

Cat's Cradle counters the idea that blind trust in these three areas can lead to truth.

religion, science, politics

Jonah drives through this New York town in Cat's Cradle.


Jonah interviews this administrator in Ilium's scientific laboratory in Cat's Cradle.

Asa Breed

This employee of Breed's was one of the "so- called Fathers of the first atomic bomb.

Felix Hoenikker

This invention nearly destroys the world in Cat's Cradle.


The murderer in Breed's story is responsible for this number of deaths in Cat's Cradle.


Breed and Hoenikker exemplify the use of science to shape this war in Cat's Cradle.

Cold War

Cat's Cradle is largely set on this fictional Caribbean island.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo symbolizes this experience during the Cold War in Cat's Cradle.

Third World countries'

Felix Hoenikker was associated with this real-life Cold War project.

Manhattan Project

Jonah researches a book with this title at the start of Cat's Cradle.

The Day the World Ended

This author argues that Cat's Cradle is a novel about the truths of humanity.

Max F. Schulz

Kurt Vonnegut described himself as having this view on religion.


The residents of San Lorenzo meet this final fate in Cat's Cradle.

mass suicide

Felix Hoenikker and Papa Monzano are typical of Vonnegut's portrayal of this family member.


This concept in Cat's Cradle alludes to the hegemony of Cold War superpowers.


Jonah quotes a line from this Herman Melville novel in Cat's Cradle.

Moby-Dick; or, the Whale

Jonah becomes the successor to this dictator in Cat's Cradle.

Papa Monzano

The Biblical Jonah acknowledges his wrongdoings in this location.

whale's belly

Bokononism contrasts typical religions since it acknowledges this aspect within itself.


The epigraph of Cat's Cradle quotes this book.

The Books of Bokonon

The epigraph of Cat's Cradle advises the reader to live by this kind of harmless untruth.


Lionel Boyd Johnson came from this Caribbean island in Cat's Cradle.


Lionel Boyd Johnson studied political science in this city in Cat's Cradle.


This American military deserter becomes the ruler of San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.

Earl McCabe

Monzano has this relationship to Earl McCabe in Cat's Cradle.


This material has a melting point of 114.4 Fahrenheit in Cat's Cradle.


Felix Hoenikker worked for this company in Ilium.

General Forge and Foundry

General Forge and Foundry is a fictionalization of this company in Cat's Cradle.

General Electric

Kurt Vonnegut worked at General Electric in this neighborhood of New York.


Felix Hoenikker's character parodies this director of the Manhattan Project.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Felix Hoenikker dies of this condition at Саре Сod.

heart attack

Felix Hoenikker has this number of children.


Marvin Breed denounces this inhumane aspect of Felix Hoenikker.

moral indifference

This character in Cat's Cradle is said to be the most beautiful woman in Ilium.

Emily Hoenikker

Emily Hoenikker dies after giving birth to this child.


Felix Hoenikker's lack of this trait leads to his neglect of his wife.


Angela Hoenikker marries this wealthy businessman.

Harrison Conners

Angela has this familial relationship to Felix and Emily Hoenikker.

eldest daughter

Emily Hoenikker died while Angela was in this year of high school.


Frank Hoenikker spent his adolescence building this type of model.

model trains

Frank Hoenikker holds this position in San Lorenzo at the age of 26.

major general

Frank Hoenikker becomes engaged to this woman.

Mona Aamons Monzano

Newt Hoenikker attends this university.

Cornell University

Newt Hoenikker uses his ice-nine to enter a relationship with this Ukrainian dancer.


A general commissions Felix Hoenikker to find a way for Marines not to fight in this substance.


This man tells Jonah that Breed's son was a scientist in Cat's Cradle.

a bartender

Marvin Breed works at this job in Cat's Cradle.

tombstone sales

Marvin Breed attacks this aspect of Felix Hoenikker's family life.

lack of care

Earl McCabe deserted from this organization in Cat's Cradle.


Johnson and McCabe shipwreck on San Lorenzo while sailing from this country in Cat's Cradle.


Before Johnson and McCabe, this company controlled San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.

Castle Sugar

Papa Monzano is a parody of this Cold-War era Guatemalan ruler.

Carlos Castillo Armas

Papa Monzano is a parody of this Cold-War era Nicaraguan ruler.

Anastasio Somoza

Papa Monzano strives to attract this type of person to San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.


Papa Monzano convinces this entrepreneur to relocate his business to San Lorenzo in Cat 's Cradle.

H. Lowe Crosby

Papa uses Mona to purchase this item from Frank Hoenikker.


The practice of this religion earns public execution in San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.


Papa Monzano requests this type of last rites in Cat's Cradle.


Mona Aamons Monzano disagrees with Jonah on these two aspects of relationships in Cat's Cradle.

non-monogamy and sexuality

Jonah adopts these beliefs to win over Mona in Cat's Cradle.


Mona commits suicide by pressing ice-nine to this body part in Cat's Cradle.


Julian Castle started this institution in San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.

House of Hope and Mercy in the Jungle

This term refers to European colonists who owned Caribbean sugar-cane plantations.

sugar barons

This humanitarian received a Nobel Peace Prize for his work at a hospital in Gabon.

Albert Schweitzer

Schweitzer's charity in Gabon was meant to atone for this historical injustice.


This African writer critiqued the paternalism in Schweitzer's philanthropy.

Chinua Achebe

Tommy Manville and Barbara Hutton derive their wealth from this source in Cat's Cradle.


Cat's Cradle compares Barbara Hutton and Tommy Manville to these two dictators.

Hitler and Mussolini

Philip Castle wrote this unpublished book in Cat's Cradle.

San Lorenzo: The Land, the History, the People

This American ambassador meets Jonah on his flight to San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.

Horlick Minton

Philip Castle owns this hotel in Cat's Cradle.

Casa Mona

This man leaves the Casa Mona after Philip Castle disrespects him in Cat's Cradle.

H. Lowe Crosby

H. Lowe Crosby calls Casa Mona this insulting name in Cat's Cradle.

Pissant Hilton

This Auschwitz doctor became Monzano's personal physician in Cat's Cradle.

Schlichter von Koenigswald

Julian Castle believes the number of people Koenigswald saves and kills will equalize in this year.


This Finnish architect designed Julian Castle's hospital in San Lorenzo.

Nestor Aamons

H. Lowe Crosby is a bicycle manufacturer from this state in Cat's Cradle.


H. Lowe Crosby complains of his inability to use his workers in this way in Cat's Cradle.


This woman is H. Lowe Crosby's wife in Cat's Cradle.

Hazel Crosby

Hazel Crosby and Jonah both come from this state in Cat's Cradle.


Jonah defines this term as "a seeming team that was meaningless in terms of the way God gets things done


This Bokononist concept "ignores national, institutional, occupational, familial and class boundaries.


This diplomat is described as "white-haired, gentle, and frail" in Cat's Cradle.

Horlick Minton

This Bokononist term describes a karass composed of only two people.


This indexer of books is Horlick Minton's wife in Cat's Cradle.

Claire Minton

Claire Minton wrote a letter to this newspaper from Pakistan in Cat's Cradle.

New York Times

Horlick Minton insists that he was fired for this reason in Cat's Cradle.


Minton's reaction to his wife's letter illustrates the paranoia of this movement in Cat's Cradle.


This ex-classmate of Frank Hoenikker is now a sex worker in Cat's Cradle.


Frank Hoenikker's classmates gave him this nickname in Cat's Cradle.

Secret Agent X-9

This woman is a young secretary for General Forge and Foundry in Cat's Cradle.

Miss Pefko

Vonnegut repeatedly mocks this trait of powerful men in Cat's Cradle.


This older secretary at General Forge and Foundry shares her impression of Felix Hoenikker with Jonah.

Miss Faust

This man works as an elevator operator at General Forge and Foundry.

Lyman Enders Knowles

Jonah meets this man after his interview with Asa Breed in Cat's Cradle.

Lyman Enders Knowles

This hobby-shop owner in Ilium remembers Frank Hoenikker's model trains.


Cat's Cradle includes this number of chapters.


The Day the World Ended" describes the bombing of this city in Cat's Cradle.


Newt studied this major at Cornell University in Cat's Cradle.


Felix Hoenikker takes a string from this object to create a cat's cradle for Newt.

book manuscript

After leaving General Forge and Foundry, Jonah takes a picture of this monument.

Hoenikker's tombstone

Emily Hoenikker's monument is this object.

alabaster phallus

This number of taxis service San Lorenzo in Cat's Cradle.


This Bokononist communion ritual revolves around human compassion.


This sacred Bokononist object can take any form, as long as the members of its karass worship it.


Newt and Angela Hoenikker carry their chips of ice-nine in this container.

thermos jug

Jonah describes his experience of boko-maru with Mona in this type of writing.

classical love poetry

This Bokononist term describes a "man who wants all of somebody's love.


This mountain is San Lorenzo's high point in Cat's Cradle.

Mount McCabe

Jonah finds Philip Castle in his hotel working on this kind of art piece in Cat's Cradle.


Newt Hoenikker was this age when the first atomic bomb dropped.


The Crosbys live in this suburb of Chicago in Cat's Cradle.


Hazel Crosby insists that Jonah address her by this name in Cat's Cradle.


The Crosbys display their loyalty by accusing Minton of this practice in Cat's Cradle.

communist sympathy

Mrs. Crosby's belief that San Lorenzans are English-speaking Christians reflects this kind of worldview in Cat's Cradle.


Jonah meets Angela and Newt Hoenikker after their plane stops in this country in Cat's Cradle.

Puerto Rico

Mrs. Crosby calls people from Indiana this nickname in Cat's Cradle.


The San Lorenzo air force has this number of planes in Cat's Cradle.


Mona's performance on this instrument mesmerizes Jonah in Cat's Cradle.


Philip describes an outbreak of this disease at Castle's hospital in Cat's Cradle.

bubonic plague

Angela Hoenikker plays a blues song by this composer on her clarinet in Cat's Cradle.

Meade Lux Lewis

Jonah describes his experience of boko-maru in a love poem of this length in Cat's Cradle

17 lines

In Cat's Cradle, Felix Hoenikker's experiments cost less than this amount, according to Miss Faust.

one dollar

Angela Hoenikker plays this instrument to soothe herself in Cat's Cradle.


Jonah had this number of wives before the events of Cat's Cradle.


Miss Faust's last name alludes to a story from this culture in Cat's Cradle.


Bokonon contrasts the granfalloon with this concept in Cat's Cradle


Papa Monzano dies in a gilded bed made from this object in Cat's Cradle


Emily Hoenikker died during childbirth due to an injury from this event in Cat's Cradle.

car accident

In Cat's Cradle, "Papa" practices this religion.