MMM Act 1 Lines

BABETTE: Darling, you are too much!

What am I? Chopped liver. (Beat.) You said he is all over the news. "He's famous." I was there too, you know?

BABETTE: You were?

(Gives up. Good hearted) Story of my life.

GERTY: You cut off the Detective.
BABETTE: Who is this detective?!

I give up!

GERTY: Besides, we have a world-famous Inspector here.

And a Detective.

QUINCY: That's MY girl. We should make the most of it.

(Checks Watch). I wonder what's taking the Captain so long. He said he was going for the ship's security detail.

INSPECTOR: Take a day off Detective

Meanwhile, the second in command is having nervous fits. Can we do nothing to help?

INSPECTOR: (Reluctantly) What do you mean by 'help'?

Well, first off, we get information, we ask questions. For example, why are we stuck in this room? Why can't we go somewhere else?

PA: Attention all passengers. I'm sorry. My mistake. This was only a test. As you were.

(Commandingly) Enough of this Pandemonium! (Calling to Digby and Bentley) You two, move the corpse away from the table.

INSPECTOR: Detective Herring, this is most unorthodox! This isn't even our case!

(ignoring the inspector's comment) Doctor, lets take a look at that soup, shall we?

PROFESSOR: I dabbled in psychology a bit in leipzig. I obtained my Ph.D. in Education with a specialty in childhood education.

Never mind all that. What was this death ray talk?

ALL: the door is open! we can go! etc.

(Stepping in front of the door) No one is going anywhere until we get to the bottom of this.

INSPECTOR: You go ahead and work, Detective. I, for one, deserve a vacation.

(Insisting) Sorry, Inspector, your vacation is officially over.