603 Peds Final P14: pedi rehab, adolescence & transition

Describe the family experience of pediatric rehab patients

grief, functional deficits, burden, excessive amounts of time, stress, conflicting education, readiness for education, need for support

The burden of role of care manager/advocate includes what experiences?

stress of navigating system, advocating for their child, long-term planning issues

describe family vs therapist perspectives

OT has short term, functional goals, parents just want return to normalcy

What are frequently used measures for goal setting in pediatric rehab?


Pediatric rehab is an iterative and cyclic process, including what 4 components?

mutually agreed upon goals, shared planning, shared implementation, shared evaluation

How can motivational interviewing be used in goal setting in pedi rehab?

assessing their readiness for change

List some goals/areas of intervention for pedi rehab

ADls, cognitive retraining, safety awareness, education, equipment, energy conservation, tone management, functional mobility, home mods, COPM

In Pedi Rehab, how do OTs choose an activity?

developmental age, patient interest, goal areas to be addressed, desired outcomes

In Pedi Rehab, what is BEST practice?

cautiously hopeful to family, age appropriate tx, family centered, team player

social participation can facilitate the development of identity through what?

relationships, knowledge, vocational interests, clarifying morals and values, and exploring interests

It is important for OTs to understand what regarding adolescent social participation?

what extent current participation looks like

Adolescent assessments should be what two things?

family and client focused

What are 3 intervention strategies used with adolescents?

skill focused, environment focused, peer supported

Skill focused interventions

money management, social skills, accessing transportation, mobility, self regulation

Environment focused interventions

modifications and adaptations

Peer supported interventions

peer support offer best opportunities for students to develop necessary transition skills

What are some consideration needs when planning transition?

financial, friendship/socialization, transportation, health/medical, legal/advocacy

What is OT's role in Transition?

-specialized education and transition services-understand edu performance/demands-positive future orientation and student centered

What is best practice in transition interventions?

-early, paid work experience-student involvement in transition planning-emphasis on social competence-development of life skills-use of AT-collaborate teamwork

OTs should have high expectations for what 3 aspects of transition?

performance, flexibility, creativity