chapter 13 med 130

Which of the following are commonly used in medical offices as storage units for paper medical records?

-Filing shelves-Filing cabinets-Compactible files-Rotary Circular Files

Which of the following follows recommended security guidelines for medical records?

-Locking the records in a separate room-Using locking shelves-Using locking file cabinets-Posting a sign next to the file room stating, "Authorized Personnel Only

Which of the following does not follow recommended security guidelines for medical records?

Giving everyone in the office a key to the file room

Which of the following supplies are commonly used to contain the medical record?

File folders (hanging)

Which of the following lists a unit order that would never be used when filing?

1. MD 2. PO 3. Kwan 4. Quin

Which of the following lists the correct filing order for the names listed?

Beals, Bentley Rian/Beals, Jazmyn/Beals, Kim/Beals, Lexus

Which of the following numeric sequences is correct using middle digit filing?

001 333 262/ 010 333 284/ 010 333 285/ 123 334 219

Which of the following numeric sequences uses terminal digit filing?

001 333 285/ 010 333 285/ 010 334 285/ 123 334 285

If names are absolutely identical, what is the address order that is used to choose the filing order?

City, state, street name, street number

The filing term that means you are naming the document in order to file it correctly is


Which of the following describes the records of patients who have moved across the country?


Jacob has not been seen at the office for the past five years. He is an inactive patient and his file should be :

transferred to storage

How long should you look for a file before concluding that it is lost?

24-48 hours

The steps of filing in the correct order are:

inspecting and releasing, indexing, coding, sorting, and storing

Marsha has created a separate file for each patient that contains insurance payment information. These files are known as:

supplemental files

The purpose of labeling files on the outside of the drawer is to:

Identify what is in the drawer without having to open it

Who makes the final decision on how long to keep inactive or closed patient files in the office before sending them to storage?

The licensed practitioner

You place COOPER, BRIAN on a patient's chart. This is an example of:


File sorters are used to:

temporarily store patient records.


Files are arranged by patient's last name first, followed by the first name, and the middle initial.


Files are arranged according to numbers assigned to patient files.

Color Coding

Files are grouped according to colors assigned to specific groups

Tickler File

Date-ordered reminder file


The physician has authorized the document to be put into the patient's folder.


System for storing documents, whether alphabetically, numerically, or alphanumerically.


An identifying mark or phrase is placed on a document to ensure that it is placed in the correct file.


Files are put in groups in which they will be stored, such as numerically or alphabetically.


Documents are filed in the correct order and in the correct file, files are in good condition, and a notation is made if there is more than one folder for a patient.