did you ever had any injuries?

m?l/a jste n?kdy n?jak� �raz?

i had a ruptured spleen

m?la jsem utr�enou slezinu.

did they leave it?

nechali v�m v�?

yes, they left it/ put it back.

ano, p?i�li mi ji.

How did it happen?

Jak se v�m to tehdy stalo?

I dont remember it exactly, i was maybe 5 years old.

Nepamatuju se p?esn?, bylo mi asi p?t let.

did you ever break something?

M?l/a jste n?kdy n?jakou zlomeninu,

Yes, I had a complicated shoulder fracture. It happened to me in the mountains.

Ano, m?l/a jsem komplikovanou zlomeninu ramene. Stalo se mi to na hor�ch.

did you ever had some operation?

m?l/a jste n?kdy n?jakou operaci?

Maybe three years ago I was at an operation for my hernia

asi p?ed t?emi lety jsem byl na operaci k�ly

have you ever been operated?

Operovali v�s n?kdy?

Yes, they removed my uterus with my ovaries

Ano, odstranili mi d?lohu i s vaje?n�ky

when was you last tetanus vaccination?

Kdy v�s naposledy o?kovali proti tetanu?

half a year ago, when I had a bicycle accident.

P?ed p?l rokem, kdy� jsem m?l �raz na kole.

when did you get your last tetanus shot?

Kdy jste dostala naposledy injekci proti tetanu?

That, unfortunately, I dont remember

to bohu�el nevim.

Did you ever got a blood transfusion?

M?l/a jste n?kdy krevn� transfuzi?

I had autotransfusion before replacing my knee joint.

P?ed v�m?nou kolenn�ho kloubu jsem m?l/a autotransfuzi.

no, I never got a transfusion.

ne, nikdy jsem transfuzi nedostal/a

How did that happen?

Jak se v�m to stalo?

I cut the meat and cut off part of my thumb.

Kr�jela jsem maso a u?�zla jsem si ?�st palce.

I fell off my bike and hit my hand

Spadl/a jsem z kola a narazil jsem si ruku.

do you remember, how that happened?

pamatujete se, jak se v�m to stalo?

I remember only the terrible crash, and after I remember already nothing.

pamatuju se jenom na stra�n� n�raz a pak u� nev�m nic.

I dont know, I only woke up in the hospital.

Nev�m, probudila jsem se a� v nemocnici.

I fell off a tree.

spadl/a jsem ze stromu.

When did the accident occur.

Kdy k tomu �razu do�lo?

Yesterday at work.

V?era v pr�ci.

Two hours ago.

P?ed dv?ma hodinami.

When did you fall?

Kdy jste upadla?

When I got off the bus.

Kdy� jsem vystupoval/a z autobusu.

How did you fall?

Jak jste upadl/a?

I tripped in the dark on the carpet.

Zakopl jsem ve tm? o koberec.

Where does it hurt you the most?

Kde v�s to nejv�c bol�?

It hurts me here around the wrist.

Bol� m? to tady kolem z�p?st�.

My entire leg hurts

Bol� m? cel� noha.

Did you disinfect the wound?

D�val/a jste si na r�nu n?jakou dezinfekci?

Yes, my wife gave me Betadine.

Ano, man�elka mi na to dala Betadine.

I rinsed the wound with water and then disinfected it with Peroxide.

Vypl�chl/a jsem si r�nu vodou a pak jsem si ji je�t? vydezinfikoval/a Peroxidem.

Can you move your legs?

M?�ete pohnout nohou?

Yes, but it hurts quite a bit.

Ano, ale dost to boli.

No, it does not go.

Ne, nejde to.

Do you feel, when I push here?

C�t�te, kdy� tady zatla?�m?

Yes, it hurts.

Ano, boli to.

Aua, it terribly hurts.

Au, stra�n? to boli.

How do you feel? Aren`t you sick?

Jak se c�t�te? Nen� v�m �patn??

I feel dizzy

Je mi na omdlen�

Maybe I will throw up

Asi budu zvracet.

do you hear me?

Sly��te m??

Yes, as if you were talking from a far distance.

Ano, jako byste mluvil z velk� d�lky.

When we will operate you, you are able to choose between spinal or general anesthesia

Budeme v�s operovat m?�ete si vybrat mezi anestezii spin�ln� nebo celkovou

I'd rather have only partial anesthesia

Rad?ji bych m?la jen ?�ste?nou anestezii

ruptured spleen

utr�en� slezina

to sew


I dont remember

nepamatuju se



to remove


I am afraid (?, not sure if it is right, usually it means unfortunately)




to hit


terrible impact, accident

stra�n� n�raz

to get off


I tripped

Zapokal jsem

general anesthesia

celkov� anestezie

partial anesthesia

?�ste?n� anestezie

to get burned

sp�lit se

to hurt onself

uhodit se