Microbio Viruses

Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV)

-chickenpox and shingles
-direct contact with the pus/inflammation
-early=cold/cough... fill up of pus on skin
-herpes virus family where it remains latin in nerve cells(ganglion nerve)
-If fed aspirin during childhood has chance for Reye's syndrome > par

Herpes Simplex

-Direct contact sometimes fomites
-HSV-1 > core sore > fever blisters
-HSV-2 > genital herpes
-Acyclovir control the outbreak


-Rubeola virus
-respiratory droplets transmission
-Rash/Febrile on children > fever/ Koplik's spots on tongue as a sign
- can die from high fever
-MMR vaccine (attenuated) to prevent it

German measles

-Rubella = milder form of measles
-mild/subclinical no need for doctor
-severe if woman catches it while pregnant > blindness/deafness/stillborn/congenital rubella syndrome on baby