chip in
We all chipped in to put on his bday party

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check in
I am just calling to check in - Are you feeling better?
He checked in the hotel earlier so they added up his bill.


cut in
Somebody cut in their conversation and they got cut off


cut in
he cut in in front of me and threw me off of the road

????????? (?? ??????)

give in
they were begging me to go to the movies so I finally gave in

????????, ?????????; ???????????

hand in
We finished our test and we are ready to hand it in


let somebody in
Calm down, it will be ok, let me in so that We could talk

???????? ????-??

look into something
He will look into this matter and get back to you later

???????????, ???????, ???????????? ???-??

break in(to + place)
I saw a lot of police activity in front of her house, they said somebody broke in.


get in
The rain is coming down hard, get in, I'll take you home.
He doesn't want to get into trouble with his teacher so he is never late.

??????? ??????, ?????, ??????? ? (????????)

bump into
Every time I drop off my kids I bump into you here.

???????? ?????????, ????????????

talk into/out of
It wasn't easy to talk her into having a wedding at our country house, but it was not hard to talk her out of inviting a lot of people.


turn in
Ok, I'm gonna turn in, I am super tired.

??????? (? ??????), ???????? ?????

drop in
- I was just in the neighborhood and decided to drop in to say hello!
- Sure - come in let's have some tea


step in
Te two kids couldn't decide how to share the toy so their mom stepped in and dealt with it

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