Part 2 pharm

Assoc with tendonitis

FlouroquinoLONES hurt your BONES

FlouroQ dose for infectious k ulcer

Loading dose q15min x1 hr then hourly afterRTC daily

FlouroQ are approved in which age kids

1+ except levofloxacin

Orange-pink saliva, tears, and urine

RifampinMoa: blocks RNA polymerase (transcription)

Herpes drugs moa

Inhibit DNA polymerase

Zirgan vs viroptic preservative

Z: BAK V: Thimerosol

CMV retinitis tx

ganciclovir IV or foscarnet (safety net)

Only topical anti fungal

Natamycin Q1hr while awake for fungal ulcers

Bulls eye maculopathy dose risk chloroquine vs hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxy: dose >400 or 5mg/kg real body weight<135 lbs can occur with standard dose of 400 Chloroquine >3 mg/kg ideal weight >2.3 real weight

chloroquine (bull's eye) maculopathypathophys

Binds melanin in RPE cells causing them to migrate to ONL and OPL

Bulls eye maculopathy is more likely in pts > yes and to duration > yrs


Plaquinel exam frequency

Baseline exam within 1 year of starting med then annual exam after 5 YEARS on medMac OCT and 10-2 VF

Steroid MOA

Blocks phospholipase a2

Triamcinolons should be used with caution in pts w

Dark skin, May cause depigmentation

Uveitis steroid dosing

Pred acetate 1% Q1-2hrs Durezol QID Slow taper once ac quiet

Ocular allergy gtt safe for pregnant

Lastacaft QD


H2 antagonist on stomach parietal cellsUsed for ulcers and acid reflux


proton pump inhibitor H+/K+ atpase1st line therapy for peptic ulcer disease and GERD


long acting beta 2 agonistNot a rescue inhaler, maintenance

Short acting inhalers MOA