RAD 110 - Ch 6 Lower Limb Tib/Fib & Knee - Review Questions

A benign, neoplastic bone lesion caused by a consolidated overproduction of bone at a joint is called:
A. Gout
B. Osteogenic sarcoma
C. Reiter syndrome
D. Exostosis

D. Exostosis

What type of CR angle is required for an AP projection of the knee if the distance from ASIS to tabletop is 21 cm?
A. 0� angle
B. 3� to 5� caudad
C. 3� to 5� cephalad
D. 15� cephalad

A. 0� angle

What type of CR angle is used for the PA axial projection-Rosenberg method?
A. 10� caudad
B. 10� cephalad
C. 5� to 8� caudad
D. None; CR is perpendicular to IR

10� caudad