norm rad ID exam 2

atlantodental interspace (ADI)

cervical gravity line

cervical lordosis angle

george's line

posterior cervical line

sagittal dimension of cervical spinal canal

prevertebral soft tissue measurement

cervical stress line

occipitalization of C1

spina bifida occulta of C1

agenesis of posterior arch of C1

partial agenesis of posterior arch of C1

ponticus posticus

os terminale

os odontoideum

agenesis of dens

nuchal bone

cervical ribs

hyperplastic TVPs at C7

congenital block vertebra

wasp waist

pseudo-spread of atlas

pseudosubluxation at C2/C3

anterior wedging of vertebral endplates

prominence of prevertebral soft tissues

bifurcated/forked rib

hypoplastic 12th rib

costal cartilage calcification

hahn's venous cleft

pectus excavatum

pectus carinatum

straight back syndrome

spina bifida occulta at L5/S1

knife clasp syndrome

facet tropism

schmorl's node

giant schmorl's node

nuclear impression

limbus bone

cupids bow

butterfly vertebra

lateral hemivertebra

dorsal hemivertebra

ventral hemivertebra

lumbosacral transitional segment


wilkinson's syndrome

iliolumbar ligament calcification

sagittal dimension of the thoracic cage

eisenstein's method for sagittal canal measurement

lumbosacral angle

lumbar gravity line

ullman's line

lumbar lordosis angle

intervertebra lumbar disc angles

macnab's line

interpediculate distance


name this view


name this view


name this view

cervical oblique
ex: right anterior cervical oblique

name this view


name this view

lateral thoracic

name this view

AP lumbar

name this view

lateral lumbar

name this view

lumbar oblique
ex: right anterior lumbar oblique

name this view