03 - Preparation and Filing of Required Documents

A fetal death occurring in this state shall be reported to the state registrar when?

within 5 days after delivery

When should a fetal death report be filed by the institution where delivery occureed?

if the fetus has completed at least 20 weeks of gestation or weighs at least 400 grams

The fetal death reports filed on or after June 1, 2003 are considered what?

permanent vital records documents and are incorporated into the system of vital statistics.

Access to a fetal death report or information contained on a fetal death report is the same as what

a live birth record

The department shall create a certificate of stillbirth and includes, but is not limited to....

name of the fetus given by the parentsnumber of weeks of gestation completeddate of deliveryweight at the time of deliveryname of the parent or parentsName of the hospital of delivery or health professional in attendance

Who certifies a death record

a licensed funeral director

Where does a certified death record get filed?

the local registrar of the district where the death occurred

What is the time frame of when a certified death record needs to be given to the local registrar

within 72 hours after death