02 - Transportation and Disposition of Human Remains

The bodies of those who have died of diphtheria, meingococcic infections, plague, poliomyelitis, scarlet fever, or smallpox shall not be transported or accepted for transportation unless they have been what?

prepared for shipment by being thoroughly embalmed and disinfected by an embalmer licensed with the state of michigan

When bodies are transported with infectious diseases, notice must be sent by the shipping embalmer where?

to the health officer of the jurisdiction where the body is to be received, advising the date and time of arrival

Public funerals for someone who has passed of an infectious disease, may be conducted provided that prior permission is obtained from the

local health officer

When permission is granted by the public health officer to hold a public funeral for someone who has passed of an infectious disease, persons in isolated areas may be released for the purpose of accompanying the body to a funeral home, church, or cemetery, provided that they:

use a separate car or means of conveyanceremain in a separate room or are separated from the public return to the area of isolation and remain there until premises are released from isolation or quarantine

If a body, not dead from an infectious disease, should be need to be transported to its destination, and be there within 48 hours from the time of death OR are addressed to the demonstrator of anatomy of a medical college, How may you prepare the decedent for transport?

They must be encased in a sound shipping container

If a body will not reach it's destination within 48 hours of death, how must the body be prepared for shipment?

they must be thoroughly embalmed and disinfected by arterial and cavity injection with an accepted embalming fluid.

When dead bodies are shipped by common carrier what must be securely fastened upon the outside box?

burial-transit or disinterment permit

When dead bodies are shipped by common carrier, a duplicate of the burial-transit or disinterment permit shall be supplied by the funeral director to who?

the person escorting the bodyor mailed to the receiving funeral director

When a licensee is called upon to remove a body from an incorporated/unincorporated area, the licensee may remove the body for the purpose of caring for it, but is required to do what?

file a completed death/stillbirth certificate secure a burial-transit permit within 72 hours

Where should the licensee file a death/stillbirth certificate?

local registrar of the incorporated/unincorporated area in which the death occurred

A motor vehicle forming part of a funeral procession, when going to a place of burial, shall have the right of way over all other vehicles except which, at a street or highway intersection within this state.

fire apparatus, ambulances,police patrol vehicles

In order for the vehicle to be considered a part of the funeral procession, it must display a flag which shall be what?

fluorescent orange, with either the a black cross, the star of David, or the crescent and star.

Which cars in the funeral procession may carry an additional flag?

lead vehicle and the last vehicle

The extra flags on the lead and last vehicle shall not contain a name embossed or printed on the flag EXCEPT for the word....what


What is the penalty for someone passing through a funeral procession of motor vehicles, with a vehicle of any kind?

civil infraction

Payments made under an agreement providing for the final disposition of a dead human body shall remain intact as a fund until when?

the death of the person for whose benefit the agreement is made

A deposit made under an agreement providing for the final disposition of a dead human body, shall be released upon demand of the person making the deposit UNLESS

an irrevocable agreement has been made

How soon will the funds be deposited into the bank (financial institution) after receiving the receipt for the payment from the agreement?

within 7 days

What happens to the funds of an agreement after the bank accepts them after receiving the receipt for the payment?

the fund is held in an account for the beneficiary as a prearranged funeral plan account.

What does a financial institution require to pay out the funds of a prearranged funeral plan account?

Death certificate

Any person who willfully violates the Agreements For Disposition of Dead Human Bodies Act, will be punished how?

Found guilty of a misdemeanor.Upon conviction, shall face a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment in county jail for not more than 1 year, or both.