History I - Tutorial

After reaching the Target Score in an InQuizitive activity, you ____ answering questions.

can continue

After you reach the Target Score and complete the minimum number of questions for an InQuizitive activity, you can choose which Learning Objectives to quiz yourself on if you continue to answer questions.


Clicking or tapping Quizmo takes you to the "Take a ____" screen.

A B E K R (Break)

Find Quizmo, the InQuizitive alien, in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Quizmo is thinking of an African animal's common name. Guess the animal.

A H I M O P S T U (hippopotamus)

Go back to the Question Confidence slider. What's the highest confidence level?

I K N O T W (I know I know it!)

How do you turn off the sound effects in InQuizitive?

Correct Answer(s)- Use the gear menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.Incorrect Answer(s)- Hit your device's speaker with a hammer.- Yell at your computer really loudly to shut up.

How many questions can you "challenge" in each activity?


If you're not sure how to answer a question, or if you think there's an error or inaccuracy in the question, click the "Question Help/ ____" button, which appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. (Try it now!)

A C E G H L N (Challenge)

On the way to a grade of 100% in an InQuizitive activity, you will pass through three levels. Put the names of the three levels in order.

Level 1 - Level 2- Level 3

Match the terms with their definitions.

In this activity type, you've asked question solely or primarily to help you learn something.-formative quizzingIn this type of activity, you've asked questions solely or primarily so that your instructor can assess what you know and assign you a grade.-summative quizzing

If you've just reached the minimum number of questions and have scored 750 points, your initial grade is ____.However, if you keep answering questions and eventually reach 1,500 points, your grade will improve to ____, no matter how many questions it takes you to get there.


So, here's a math question for you: Suppose you set your confidence level at "I think I know it," which means that you've initially risking 80 points. You guess wrong on the first attempt. How many "second-chance" points will you be able to earn back?


To review the questions I've already answered, I should click on points in the Activity Score ____ in the Activity Report.

A G H P R (graph)

Using the keys below or your keyboard, type out the name of the lowest confidence level.

A D E H I N O V (I have no idea!)

What must you do to receive a grade for an InQuizitive activity?

Correct Answer(s)- answer a minimum number of questions designated by your instructor- reach a Target Score designated by your instructorIncorrect Answer(s)- stuff five jumbo marshmallows in your mouth at the same time

When you answer the question correctly on the first try, it ____ the number of points you'll earn.When you answer incorrectly while attempting the question, it ____ the number of points you'll lose.


1. You score points in InQuizitive by answering ____.2. You determine how many points you can gain or lose on each question using the Question ____ slider (to the right if you're on a computer, or at the bottom for smartphterm-2one users).3. You must answer a ____ number of questions to get a grade on the activity.4. To get a perfect grade (100%) on the activity, you must reach a designated ____ Score.


You ____ consult your textbook when trying to answer InQuizitive questions.You ____ stop working on an InQuizitive activity at any time, then come back later to continue on it.You ____ have the InQuizitive theme music playing while answering questions.You ____ work on InQuizitive activities while driving a motor vehicle.