CH 9 Reception, Correspondence, Mail, Telephone Techniques, and Supplies

In medical offices, memoranda are most commonly used to communicate with which of the following groups of people?

office staff

According to U.S. Postal Service guidelines, which of the following is the correct state abbreviation for an envelope addressed to Key West?


Patients who want to talk about abnormal test results should speak with which of the following medical personnel?


Which of the following elements is the most important part of a referral letter?

reason for the consultation

Which of the following is the most secure service offered by the U.S. Postal Service?

registered mail

If a patient calls about insurance coverage, the call should be handled by

the medical assistant

Which of the following is an introductory form that provides demographic data about patients?

patient information form

Which of the following terms means the act of articulating and speaking clearly?


It is important to leave time to complete forms for patients who are


Account statements for a medical practice should be sent as

first-class mail

Which proofreader's mark means "close up space"?

( ) but sideways. one at top and one at bottom

When an incoming call is received, the telephone should be answered

by the second or third ring

If the patient calls in to report that he or she is doing well (satisfactory results) after surgery, the medical assistant should

handle the call and make note of the patient's report in his or her medical records

When a patient does not respond to past-due billing statements and does not return telephone calls, which of the following types of mail should be used to determine if the patient is receiving mail?

certified, return recipe

Which of the following refers to the practice of underlining or highlighting important words and phrases when opening the mail?


The physician should handle calls from patients about which of the following?

unsatisfactory progress

Which of the following word-processing functions is most appropriate for the medical assistant to use when verifying the accuracy of words in a business letter?

spell check

The second page of the body of a business letter should begin how many lines from the top?


Which of the following parts of a business letter is keyed on the second line below the salutation?

subject line

A medical assistant is asked by the physician to make travel arrangements for a seminar that the physician will be attending. The detailed outline that the medical assistant prepares for the physician is called which of the following?

an itinerary