Exam #1 Questions

Information included in a radio report to the receiving hospital should include all of the following, EXCEPT:

A. a preliminary diagnosis of the patient's problem

In an otherwise healthy adult, blood loss would cause:

D. vascular constriction and tachycardia

An infant or small child's airway can be occluded if it is overextended or overflexed because:

the occiput is proportionally large and the trachea is flexible

The _____ is a muscular dome that forms the inferior boundary of the thorax, separating the thorax from the abdomen


Something something coining

Document this finding on your patient care report and advise the ED staff of what the child's parents told you

A by-product of involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation is:

heat (shivering)

The brain connects to the spinal cord through a large opening at the base of the skull called the:

foramen magnum

Contraction of the right ventricle causes:

blood to flow into the pulmonary circulation

The ____ fills the entire anteroposterior depth of the RUQ of the abdomen


Which organ lies in the lateral and posterior portion of the left upper quadrant of the abdomen?


Which of the following MOST accurately defines negligence?

Deviation from the standard of care that may result in further injury.